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Have you ever wondered why man has not returned to the moon? Perhaps you wondered why if there were so many UFO sightings, and more now than ever before, you never see them on the mainstream news. Have you wondered why, if these sightings are so prevalent, why those other civilizations do not announce themselves? What are they doing out there in relation to us?

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The books really are amazing. I read all the four miniseries. They were hard to put down. I found the series great fun to read. I also found them very thought provoking. There is a lot of philosophy profoundly written in these books. This is not just another sci-fi writer. This has an edge to it, like some of the sci-fi classics. I think of Herbert and Heinlein for obvious similarities. Maybe Donaldson is another. I have not had such a read like this for many years.


Reader of The Sequetus Series

The Sequetus Series - Epic Science Fiction


Out there this planet Earth is known as Sequetus 3. For many on Earth they have no question of their origin, what they are doing, or if there is more to life than their life insurance policy. That is the way it has been planned and that is the way it has been, and that is the way it is meant to be in the future. However, for some out there they want to know why this planet has not been intervened and its neighbors introduced to it. They want to know why the people of this planet live an unnaturally short life. They want to know why the planet is off limits to the rest of the civilizations out there.

This miniseries picks up over a thousand years after the NEW EARTH MINISERIES. Sequetus 3, Earth has been denuded of its population. Something has happened. Almost all people have vanished from the planet. Yet out there the short-lifers, those whose forebears came from Earth, are setting up a religion based on the works of that earlier intelligence officer who came to Earth in the preceding series.

This miniseries picks up where the preceding books finished. The galactic war is over. The oppressive force is gone that was running things, that was trying to oppress the short-lifers from Earth, and their religion. Yet, there are indications things are not as smooth as they should be. The decedents of that intelligence officer sent to Earth in the NEW EARTH MINISERIES are now active, searching for the answers that their ancestor had failed to find. There was a force back then, running Earth, from the moon, that has a presence all through the galaxy. Those answers that were sought back in 1989 were never really found, but it is evident now there is another group behind all the others.

This miniseries is the climactic finale of the Sequetus Series. If you began reading this series, and you now have all the information on what is happening out there, you are ready for the final answers to the original quest of Goren Torren, this is the miniseries you definitely need to read. Here is the information he missed when he wrote that intelligence estimate in 1989. Why was Earth the way it was, why was it not like out there, and other galactic civilisations? All the way through this series you have been given data, supplied information. Now read the final books that put it all together for you. Just make sure you read the earlier miniseries first. For an additional tip, so you do not miss out, each entry in the glossary, the footnotes, the references and the general notes too, are all there for a purpose. Good luck!