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The Sequetus Series is a very large series of books that have research behind them. They are set on Earth and start in 1989. The term Sequetus is the name applied from out there to our solar system. It simply means “a long series of planets in sequence”. Planet Earth is Sequetus 3, and the labelling is as simple as that.

The first miniseries of eight books span a lifetime. The story originally was to end there. However, like all good things it continued. The story restarted, a thousand years on, and continued over the next fourteen books. They take you all over the galaxy and further, as mankind travels out further.

At book twenty-three, the fourth miniseries ends.

There are over a dozen reference pages on this site, with photos. This help put the stories in context. A person can get lost in just the references for days.



But the story itself does not end at the end of book twenty-three. It continues.

In that series of book, there is a small animal on the ship of our hero and it is like a cat. It comes from Mars. When that twenty-third book finished, the story does not. For the sake of these picture books, we call that animal a cat. The cat’s name is Kuro. It has a personality. In the picture-book, she calls herself Captain Kuro, and she is from Mars. This is how the next twelve children’s picture books continue on from the story of the Sequetus Series. Kuro crashes her ship back on Earth in around 2018 and gets rescued by a family in Australia. Her story continued from there. Those books are written and are currently being illustrated. The first book is already translated and now in thirty-nine languages. There are five stories illustrated so far. There are twelve stories in the Captain Kuro From Mars picture book series.

Captain Kuro From Mars


Both the Sequetus Series, and the Captain Kuro From Mars Series will find themselves in comic books, manga, and in games.

There are eighteen soundtracks recorded for the Sequetus Series, plus two tracks for Captain Kuro From Mars, and this music will also be used in the games. The musician is Tschx from Europe.

The soundtrack, by Tschx


SEQUETUS SERIES Advertisements are here and are fun to watch.

SEQUETUS SERIES Videos here are the music set to the initial music by Tschx.


And once these children’s picture books are finished, there are more books to write on this incredible adventure.

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