Captain Kuro From Mars Helping Against The Polluters

This is the seventh book of Captain Kuro From Mars Series in English.

Captain Kuro From Mars Helping Against The Polluters  (Book 9)

Author: Nick Broadhurst

Illustrator: MD Hasib Uzzaman

Music: Tschix

Copyright © 2018  –  Nick Broadhurst – All rights reserved


Captain Kuro looked upset.

The Men In Black were her top advisers now.

They reported that the planet was getting worse for the animals, not better.


Captain Kuro walked back and forth.

She listened.

Horns sounded from the nearby monastery.


The Men in Black said, “We have the people and governments agreeing to help all life. But the sea. air and land is getting more foul and sick.”


They showed Captain Kuro what the sea looked like. They could all far-see.

Pollution was pouring into the oceans.


“Some people want to hurt the world. They want to poison it,” the Men In Black explained.

Then the Men In Black showed huge forests being cut down. Animals were dying.

“The tree’s job is to clean the air of pollution. Kill the trees and the air becomes sick.”


Kuro looked at John and Henry.

John’s mother, Mary, said, “There are people who want to pollute the world. They say it is to make money. But really, they just want to kill the world.”


Mary, also said, “They also make bombs and guns and wars.”

The Men in Black nodded and said, “It is not for money. Others can make money cleanly and not hurt another. These people want to hurt life. They do it by polluting.”


Captain Kuro looked down the mountainside. The air was clean here.

She turned and looked at the others.

“Then we need to find these people and make them stop.”


Everyone agreed.

The next day they got into Captain Kuro’s spaceship and went outside Earth.

They started to find the worst pollution.


The Men In Black listed the world’s worst polluters.

Captain Kuro looked at the list.

“These same people are the same heads of the worst companies. They pollute, make drugs, guns and wars.


Henry’s wife, Mary said, “And they also own the big media, and control the governments.”

The Men In Black nodded. “They also run banks.”


Captain Kuro said that they needed to visit these people now.


Soon they were going back down to Earth.

They got lower over a city. Next they were outside a huge tall building. It was called IDC and was the worst polluter.

Poison Is Profit was painted on the side of the building.


The group stepped through the window into the top floor.

The secretary of the company screamed when she saw Captain Kuro and the Men In Black inside.

Her screaming scared Henry.


Office doors opened from another room.

In walked a crazy looking man.

He laughed at Captain Kuro.

The Men In Black quietly said, “That is Doctor Kutzbrain, the crazy psychiatrist.”


Kutbrain laughed. “You are all pretending to be my imagination.

“I am not crazy.

“I am the head of this company, IDC, International Drug Company. We are going to kill the world.

“This is how we save us from your imagination John. Agree we are your imagination. Then we can die and go home.”

“Ha ha ha,” he laughed.


Kutzbrain was holding a box, with his hand on a button.

He laughed more. “You cannot stop me.

“I have hundreds in charge of drug and gun companies.

“We run the media. Ha ha ha ha.

“We will win. I rule. You lose! Ha ha ha.”


Kuro could see in Kutzbrain’s mind that he held a box that would let go of billions of tons of poison into the oceans and air.

Kuro was scared.


“To save the world we all have to die first,” screamed Kutzbrain, laughing.

Henry was terrified.

They saw in Kutzbrain’s mind the box was linked by radio to other crazy people around the world.


Captain Kuro rushed at Kutzbrain.

It was a battle of two minds. Good and bad.

Kuro had all her animal friends helping her.

Kutzbrain’s had mad business people helping him.

The battle seemed to go on and on.


The future of the world was being decided.

Who would win?

Captain Kuro, or the crazy psychiatrist, Doctor Kutzbrain.


It looked like Kutzbrain was winning.

It looked like the good minds were being beaten by the crazy evil minds.

Soon it was even.

Kuro needed one more good mind to help the world win, to save all life.


Then it came. It was one more mind wanting good to win. It was a beautiful mind.

Captain Kuro had won.

The winners looked around for the good brave mind that helped.

They all wondered who it was.


Was it you?

Did you help save the world just then?

Thank you if you did.

The End

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