Captain Kuro From Mars and Prince Khuram

This is the second book of Captain Kuro From Mars Series in English. At the foot of the page in the gallery are the illustrations at a reduced size, and below is the text.

This second Captain Kuro From Mars book is also available in Chinese, Japanese, Nepali, Russian and Urdu. Just click through to those pages.


Captain Kuro From Mars and Prince Khuram

Captain Kuro From Mars and Prince Khuram is the second book of the Captain Kuro From Mars series of children picture books.

 Author: Nick Broadhurst

Illustrator: MD Hasib Uzzaman

Music: Tschix

Copyright © 2018 Nick Broadhurst

All rights reserved

Captain Kuro, is from Mars. Her spaceship crashed on Earth. She has been mistaken for a cat, and found herself a home in Australia. Now she is deputizing Earth cats to be her deputies.

 There is a glossary below for the meaning of some unusual words and names.





Kuro waited outside.

John waved.

“Let us watch TV Captain Kuro,” he called out.


John’s mother watched at the window.

“Henry, Kuro is just a cat. She is not special.”

Henry was John’s father.


John went inside and watched television. Kuro curled up beside him.


Henry looked over at Kuro. “Well, Kuro found John when he was lost, and cured Emily.”

John’s mother shook her head. “Henry, Kuro is only a cat, and not from Mars! That is John’s imagination.”

Henry was not sure.


 John turned to Kuro.

She closed her eyes.  “Are you coming?” she thought with quiet-talk.


John thought back. “Yes, I like to far-see.”

Kuro started to purr and showed John her dreaming.

John could see the world, far below. He sat back and closed his eyes.


John’s mother looked at them. “See Henry? They are both asleep. Kuro is only a cat.”

Henry was not sure.


 John could feel Kuro leading him over the ocean. “I see water below. My body is back home.”


 John’s mother said, “Henry, Kuro is only a cat. Do not be tricked by John’s imagination.”


“Of course John. You can’t bring your body where we are going.”

“Where is that?”

“There is a sick girl in a country called Bangladesh.”


John could see the ocean, trees and water. It was hot.

“This is the edge of the Sundarbans nature reserve, John. There she is. She’s has very sick lungs.”


John saw a little girl below, with parents crying.

The doctor shook his head. “There is nothing I can do. She needs a miracle.”


“Follow me.” Kuro’s mind went outside. John followed.

John started to say, “That’s a….”

“A Royal Bengal Tiger,” said Captain Kuro. “His name is Prince Khuram.”


The tiger slowly saluted. “You called me, Captain.”

“How can…?”

“Just watch, John. All cats are originally from Mars, including Prince Khuram.”


Khuram followed Captain Kuro back to the sick girl’s home.  The girl’s parents were scared.

John’s mind quiet talked to them.  “Prince Khuram will heal your little girl.”

They looked for the voice.


Khuram placed his paw gently where the pain was. “Here, girl?”

John also heard Kuro quiet-talk to the girl.

John’s mind spoke to the scared parents.


An hour later the tiger quiet-talked to the parents. “Your beautiful daughter is better, now.”


As the tiger was leaving the father said, “My Aiyla is healed. Please, don’t go. Do you like fish?”


The mother looked at her husband. “Halim, it is only a tiger!”


John opened his eyes. He looked around the room.

Kuro was purring.

John’s mother called. “Lunch is ready.”


John said, “I left Captain Kuro in Bangladesh. She and Prince Khuram have more children to help near the Sunderbans. She will have lunch later.”


Henry typed Sundarbans on the computer.

“Henry, she is only a cat….” John’s mother called out.


John smiled, ate dinner, and watched Kuro purring. “Captain Kuro says she has hundreds of deputies, around the world, now. They all help her heal sick children.”


Henry typed again, and read, “Black cats helping children get better. Doctors do not know how mystery works.”


“It is just a cat, Henry!”

“But Emily got better….”

“Henry, don’t confuse me with facts when my mind is made up.”


John smiled. He knew, and could far-see all the Captain Kuro deputies over the world, helping sick children.


The End



Aiyla – A girl’s name that means Moonlight

Khuram – A male name that means Tiger

Halim – A male name that means Mild, gentle, patient

Quiet-talk: To be able to communicate with thought, and not rely only upon words.

Far-see: To be able to project one’s awareness into a different location of space than where the body currently is.

Saundabarns: Mangrove swamps and forests in the south-east corner of Bangladesh. They comprise about 10,000 square kilometers. Bengal tigers live there.

Royal Bengal Tiger: A special sub species of Tigers in Bangladesh.

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