Captain Kuro From Mars And The Mad Doctor Returns

This is the fifth book of Captain Kuro From Mars Series in English.

Captain Kuro From Mars And The Mad Doctor Returns (Book 6)

Author: Nick Broadhurst

Illustrator: MD Hasib Uzzaman

Music: Tschix

Copyright © 2018 – Nick Broadhurst – All rights reserved


Kuro was fixing her spaceship.

It was in the garage.

John and his father, Henry, were helping her.

John’s mother was named Mary. She brought them sandwiches to eat.


They looked out the window and saw a car arrive.

Kuro got scared.

It was the doctor from town. He thought children were crazy.

Mary went inside to meet him.


“I am here to see John,” Dr. Kutzbrain said.

John’s mother was worried. Children around this doctor got sick. They acted strange.

She said, “Why do you want to see John? He is not here.”


“John’s school said John was not fitting in. They said that he believed he was special.” Kutzbrain smiled.

He said, “You know how dangerous that is for children.”


Now Mary was scared.

She knew that Dr. Kutzbrain treated children.

She said, “John is fitting in well now. He is normal, the same as the others.”

Kutsbrain shook his head. “No. John has a tiger friend. He also has a cat from Mars. That is imagination. It is dangerous.”


Kutzbrain then said, “Imagination creates trouble in the world. If there was no imagination, there would be no trouble.”

Kutzbrain pushed his way into the house and pointed to the television. “All that trouble is from imagination. Imagination must be stopped!”

“We cure imagination with medication.” He laughed.


John’s mother just stood there, pushing the psychiatrist out the door.

Kutzbrain screamed, “This is illegal. You cannot stop me. I must take John. It is for his own good. It is for the good of everyone! He needs to be stopped! Imagination cannot be allowed!”


John’s mother was scared. The doctor was mad. She slammed the door and held it closed.

Henry and John were inside now. They were scared too.


An hour later and there was a new banging on the door.

Henry looked outside.

It was the police with Dr. Kutzbrain.

They were yelling that they would jail them all if they did not hand over John.


Henry called out from inside the house. “What has he done? He is only a boy!”

The police and the psychiatrist called back. “He has imagination and is not fitting in. He is dangerous. He needs to be treated!”


John’s mother, Mary, looked outside and could see the police and Kutzbrain.

A drug company was also outside, organizing television news.


Henry called out from inside, “What about artists? Are they dangerous too?”

The psychiatrist smiled from his side of the door. “Of course. They are the worst. We need to treat them first. Once artists fit in, we can get the rest. Now, give us John!”


“Never,” cried Henry! “Never!”

He looked to John and Mary.

Kuro ran out the back to the garage to get her spaceship.


The police started smashing the door.

Dr. Kutzbrain was rubbing his hands laughing. He loved destruction. He loved death. He loved killing.


Fobon, the cockatoo, and other bird friends flew down to confuse the police.

Three kangaroos chased Kutzbrain. This was all filmed on television.


John and his family ran upstairs, to his sister’s bedroom top window.

There was Captain Kuro with her spaceship.

“Hurry!” John’s sister called.

They all climbed through the window into the spaceship.


The police broke the door down.

They all ran inside.

They had guns because the doctor said John was dangerous.


The police ran upstairs.

Kutzbrain saw the space ship.

“Quickly, there they are. It is his imagination. He must be stopped. He has imagined a spaceship.”


As the spaceship left, Dr. Kutzbrain grabbed hold of the door, and would not let go.

He was hanging from it.


“It is only imagination,” he screamed, as he was being carried up to the clouds.


The television people were filming it all.

Kutzbrain was heard screaming again as he fell to the trees. “It is only imagination. It cannot hurt me.”


Kutzbrain was in the hospital the next day.

He was telling the television people his injuries were because of the dangerous imagination by people who did not fit in. He said that children who did not fit in must be stopped and treated.


Captain Kuro was flying her spaceship.

John’s family was looking at the world below.

Henry said. “We need a new safe place to live.”

Mary agreed. “We need a new country. It has to be without mad crazy psychiatrists like Dr. Kutzbrain.”


They all looked down.

There were large mountains.

They agreed. They had found it. This was just right. Their new home could be seen through the clouds below. This would be safe.

Down they flew.

The End

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