Captain Kuro From Mars And The Mad Doctor’s Revenge

This is the tenth book of Captain Kuro From Mars Series in English.

Captain Kuro From Mars And The Mad Doctor’s Revenge  (Book 10)

Author: Nick Broadhurst

Illustrator: MD Hasib Uzzaman

Music: Tschix

Copyright © 2018  –  Nick Broadhurst – All rights reserved


The Men In Black were worried.

There was bad news about Kuro on the Internet.


Television said there was a crazy red haired boy, a killer, who had a dangerous imagination about a black cat from Mars.

John’s father and mother were shocked!


The Men in Black looked at Henry.

They showed Captain Kuro what the newspapers were saying.

Prince Kuram roared with anger!


Henry said, “Should we contact the police?”

Kuro stood there firmly. “That will not help.

“They will not believe us, because of the lies.

“We must find the person doing this.

“An evil person accuses others of what he is doing himself.

“Let’s find him then,” said Henry.


The Men In Black got a detective to look for who was writing lies about Kuro and her friends.


The bad stories also said Kuro hurt the minds of children.

Henry said, “That means the person writing the lies hurts children’s minds. And they kill people. Who do we know who does this?”


“Kutzbrain!” they all answered at once.

Captain Kuro was soon far-seeing for Doctor Kutzbrain.

Quickly they found him in their mind. Kutzbrain was plotting another news story against them.


The Men In Black located Kutzbrain’s building on the Internet.

He was a mad psychiatrist, who had made it his life’s work to hunt down Kuro and her friends.

He now owned one of the biggest news companies in the world, the Mind Media Network.


The Men In Black shook their head. “They advertise drugs, guns and things that destroy the world.”

It was just right for Kutzbrain.


Kuro looked outside.

War planes were now overhead looking for them.

It was getting worse. They needed to act.

They had to go to Kutzbrain and the Mind Media Network.


They jumped into Kuro’s spaceship and flew to the big city.


They stopped on the roof of the Mind Media Network building.

Prince Karum got out first.

The Men In Black drew their guns. They were ready.


They all walked into the office of mad Doctor Kutzbrain. He turned in his chair laughing. “I know why you are here. You cannot prove anything. You are John’s imagination. I have the drugs to prove it. Soon you will all be gone!” The drug bottle was open. He swallowed his medication and laughed. “Ha, ha, ha….”


Kuro was in quiet-talk communication to the rest of the world.

Soon many of the free-mind-world was far-seeing the scary deep destructive evil of Doctor Kutzbrain.


“I tell the truth!” screamed Kutzbrain. “Be gone! You are the imagination of John. You are evil imagination!”


Captain Kuro shook her head.

“No Kutzbrain. We are truly here.

“Your evil media tell stories to wreck this world.”


Captain Kuro glared at Kutzbrain.

“You tell people truth about what they already know.”

Kutzbrain nodded. Lights and TV cameras were on him now.

“I report the truth” Kutzbrain smiled and bowed.


“Then you make up a lie about who you hate, like John.”

Kutzbrane shrugged, as if to say lies were nothing.

“Then you try to prove the lie is true, by exaggerating it so big no one can disbelieve it.”

Kutzbrain bowed again, smiling. He was just clever!


“Then you repeat a piece of small true information.”

Kutzbrain smiled.

Kuro smiled back at him. “Finally, you get readers to think that because the two pieces of true information at both ends of a story are true, then the unknown information in the middle – which is a big lie – must also be true.”

Kutzbrain smiled.  He took another bow.

He was a genius! He knew it.


“Then you let many get updet at your target, like John.

“You say the lie again and again. Soon the whole world gets angry. You try to control the population this way.”

Kutzbrane smiled and bowed. It was true.

He was brilliant. He started to dance.


“I am the best! Am I not?”

Kutzbrane bowed for all to see.

“Yes Doctor. You have the best imagination in the whole world!”


Kutzbrain stopped. He started to go green.

“No!!! Not imagination. It is not imagination.”

He started to choke. “I did not lie by imagination. I did it to hurt and destroy. That is the true purpose of all media! To destroy! It is not imagination!”


“I am innocent. I have no imagination!”

Kutzbrain jumped out the window.


The evil Mind Media Network empire soon vanished.

From then on the world started to learn to live in peace and become better from truth.

The End

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