Captain Kuro From Mars And The Men In Black

This is the fourth book of Captain Kuro From Mars Series in English. Below in the gallery are the illustrations at a reduced size, and below is the text.

This volume is also available in Nepali. Just click through.

Captain Kuro From Mars And The Men In Black (Book 4)


Kuro was watching TV with John. They had been fixing Kuro’s spaceship. They were tired.


There was a knock on the door.

“I will get it,” called John’s mother.

Henry, John’s father shrugged. He thought in quiet-talk to John and Captain Kuro. “I wonder who that is out here in the Australian country side.”


John’s mother brought in two men, dressed in black.

Kuro jumped and hid and called in quiet-talk. “Hide me John!”


 John looked at Kuro and then at his father. They were puzzled.


The two men thanked the mother.

She said, “They are over here.”


The men smiled. “We are looking for a special black cat.” They looked at John. He said nothing.


Henry said, “Well, there was a small black cat that John found. But it is nothing special. Right?” Henry looked at his wife.

John’s mother shrugged, “Nothing special. Why do you ask?”


The two men looked at each other. “Well, it started when our machines saw a spaceship come to Earth. And it seemed to come down around here.”


Henry shook his head. “I do not believe in UFOs. We just want to be normal people and fit in.” Henry looked at his wife.


The two men smiled. Henry thought they did not believe him. They looked at John. Henry swallowed and was worried.

One of the men said, “There have been a lot of black cats all over the world healing children. It seemed to start around here.”


Henry nodded. “I read about it on the internet.” A man in black said, “There are tigers and other big cats doing it too. It is dangerous. Those people doing it are in a lot of trouble.”


John’s mother looked at John. Then the man in black said, “There is going to be a lot of trouble until we find that first special black cat.”

Here is our phone number if you remember anything. Be careful.”


Henry asked, “Is helping sick children dangerous?”


The men in black ignored Henry and left in a big black car.


John’s mother wanted to know the truth. When she turned around everyone had gone.


John was running after Captain Kuro. Henry was running after John. John yelled, “Kuro, who are those men?

“They are not men. They are from out there.”

John looked at his father. “What do we do?”

Fobon the cockatoo flew down. “John, your mother is coming.”


John’s mother stood there looking at them all. She looked at the animals standing in front of a big tree.

“What are they doing?” she asked.


She looked up. She saw the spaceship. “Henry, that…that …that …”

“Yes dear. I know. It is not normal, and does not fit in.”

But… but… but.…”

Fobon said in quiet-talk, “She is not meant to be able to see it.”

Captain Kuro nodded. “John, she can see, and that means …”

John’s mother said, “Kuro, you are wearing a space suit, and you can talk….”


Henry said, “I am sorry dear. John is special. And none of us are normal, now.”

John’s mother looked at them. She heard a low growl and saw an image of a big tiger. It waved.

She wanted to cry. “Is that Prince Khuram?”


She kneeled down. “What are we going to do?” she asked, in quiettalk. “And why can I see all this.

Captain Kuro stepped over to her. “It is because you are around me and John. The more you resisted us the more you became one of us.”


“I could fly a man in black into the air and drop him,” called out Fobon.”

“We could kick them,” called the kangaroos.

“I could scare them like the mad doctor,” growled the image of Prince Khuram.

“We could go to the police and the government,” said John’s mother.

Henry shook his head. “No, we will; fix Captain Kuro’s ship. Then we will decide what to do.”


The next four days they brought up old cars, radios, and computers. Slowly they fixed Captain Kuro’s space ship.

Soon it worked fine.


Captain Kuro then told everyone one her plans.

“I am not leaving. I want to keep helping black cats to heal sick children. Prince Khuram is getting other tigers to help more too. So we are staying.”

Henry smiled.  “I have space for your ship in our garage.” He looked at his wife and hugged her. “We are not normal any more. That is good, right?”

 The End


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