Captain Kuro From Mars Is Going Home

This is the twelfth book of Captain Kuro From Mars Series in English.

Captain Kuro From Mars is Going Home  (Book 12)

Author: Nick Broadhurst

Illustrator: MD Hasib Uzzaman

Music: Tschix

Copyright © 2018  –  Nick Broadhurst – All rights reserved


Captain Kuro looked at the many people who were now visiting her.


She saw the people of the world reaching to her. They listened.

She looked at John.

It was almost time for her to go.

The Men in Black said they would take care of the world from now on, if she needed that.


The last war on Earth finished some years back.

People seemed to get better from listening.

Even Doctor Kutzbrain was no so crazy. He worked in his garden now and tried to make things grow. He still laughed strange. But he was changing. He was even trying to use imagination.


Kuro sat back and looked out there through her far-seeing ability, to see all her friends.


She thought to her friends. “Your learning and your books are the most important things you will experience in your life.

“Value them.

“Do not let someone take them away.

“Learn through life”

Captain Kuro saw her students around the world agree.


Her lessons were simple, but important.

She explained one more with quiet-talk.

“There are three kinds of people.

“There are those who help, and make the world better.

“There are those who make no difference.

“There are those who destroy the world.

“There are only these three kinds of people.”


“Find out which you are, and who your friends are. Judge them by what they do, not what they say.

“Be with those friends who do the most good.”

Captain Kuro looked out at all the minds sharing her story.


She smiled and then started her next lesson.

“Your world is a mirror of who you are.

“You get back what you give out.

“If you want to get back more, give out more.

“Life is a mirror of who you are and who you have been.

“You choose the life you get back.”


“The crazy people out there are those who want to destroy. Being upset does not make you a person crazy. The crazy one is the one trying to upset you. They are destructive ones.”


Captain Kuro looked down the mountainside, and quiet-talked more.

“How you treat the world and others around you is also a window for others to judge you. Even if you cannot see yourself, others do. If you do not change what is bad about you, others must. So, you change it first.”


“When working, realize that if you are with a person who wants to destroy, you will also be destroyed. Spot people’s intent by their results. Do not judge people by their words.”


The Men In Black listened. They learned the lessons too.

They would be sad when Captain Kuro left.

John was already very upset.


Captain Kuro looked into John’s eyes.

John’s sister, Ayla, was there.

“Please, do not be sad, John. You have helped me a lot. You have helped the world a lot too. I have to leave now because there are other worlds that need me more.”


Henry and Mary were sad as it was getting close to Kuro’s leaving time.

They would miss her.

Captain Kuro’s spaceship was fixed now.


Captain Kuro decided to give more lessons. She had taught them before.

“If you are fighting, and hurting, there is another who wants you to feel the pain.

“They are making the fight. It is not the person who you are fighting who is making that fight.

“I read that from a famous man. Learn his words.”


She continued.

“You will all work.

“Work is here defined as giving back to the world,

“After the world has been giving to you.

“And for that you get paid.

“Enjoy your pay.”


The world had slowly become a better place. It became peaceful. There was no war. There was little pollution. There was good honest living. It was time for Kuro to leave.


Captain Kuro walked to her spaceship.

It was time. She was now sad.

She loved the people on Earth who had helped her.

She loved the children. She loved all the animals.


The animals around the world were now friends. They helped children. And cats still always helped heal children.


Kuro’s spaceship lifted off.

Henry, Ayla, and Mary waved.

The Men in Black waved.

John had a tear in his eye. He waved slowly.


Kuro waved back to them all as her little ship lifted off higher.


Even Doctor Kutzbrain almost waved as he looked up from his garden.


Captain Kuro flew her ship to the other side of the world.

She flew past her friends, the kangaroos.

She waved to Fobon, her cockatoo freind. He waved back.


She then started to lift off, higher and higher away from the world.

She had tears in her eyes.

She left many friends. She loved on Earth.


Then she was finally in space, and saw another ship.

She knew whose it was.

She cried even more.


It was Jaron, her oldest and first real friend.

“You have been away for years little Captain Kuro.

“Finally, I found you.

“I finished our job on that other planet. I am back now.”


“Shall we continue to the next adventure together?”

Kuro liked that.

“I need your help. I cannot do this next job without you.”

Jaron was her best friend in the whole universe.

She loved him more than anyone.


Now, at last, Kuro was going home.

She would be home soon.


The Very End

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