Captain Kuro On Helping Others

This is the eleventh book of Captain Kuro From Mars Series in English.

Captain Kuro From Mars On Helping Others  (Book 11)

Author: Nick Broadhurst

Illustrator: MD Hasib Uzzaman

Music: Tschix

Copyright © 2018  –  Nick Broadhurst – All rights reserved


Captain Kuro had flown back to her mountain home.

She had given two lectures that day at the local school.

She wanted to give another lesson.


Horns sounded from the nearby monastery.

She sat as the monks gathered around her.

John and Karum were there too.


The Men in Black were at the back of the room.

Kuro smiled. She was sending the lesson out to her quiet-talk network. Many young minds had tuned in.


“This lesson is about books and learning.” Kuro smiled. “They are vitally important for you.

“The more you learn, the better you get. So keep reading and learning. And remember, every word has meaning.”


Captain Kuro continued. “Your religions are good for man. They are all good.

“There is a higher nature, and all religions serve a higher purpose.

“Religions need to protect each other, like a family.

“Keep evil men out from your religions. Do not let those men take your religions away.”


“Treat all others with dignity and respect. Be to others in the same way you would like them to be to you. This is an old but good rule.”


Captain Kuro looked around. She said, “Make a list of all the ways you would like others to speak with you. Write it down. Then look at the list and see if that is how you speak with others around you.”


Captain Kuro realized it was lunchtime. So everyone ate a nice lunch.

The Men In Black came to her. They had some good news.

Kuro read it and decided that the news should be shared.


Kuro quiet-talked out to her network.

“We have special news that the big international banks who were giving money to both sides of recent wars, have been stopped. Their leaders have been found by the Men In Black and given to police.”

The Men in Black smiled.


“Leaders of gun and war making companies were found paying politicians to make wars. Wars make money and kill people.

“The Men In Black handed these company men and politicians over to the police.”

The Men In Black smiled more.


There was a crash through the window. It looked like a bomb.

Prince Kuram grabbed the bomb and threw it out.

They saw a plane fly away, and it had a crazy pilot in it laughing.


The Men In Black said, “Doctor Kutzbrain!”


Prince Karum and the other tigers were now chasing the plane.

They ran over mountains and swam across rivers.

They did not stop.


The plane finally landed and the tigers grabbed Kutzbrain.

They brought him back to the mountain to face Captain Kuro.


Kuro looked at Kutzbrain.

Kutzbrain screamed, “You are just John’s imagination. Be gone.

“You are evil devils! You must be killed so you can live a better life!”


Captain Kuro looked at Kutzbrain. “You are not crazy. Others hold him.”

As the others held Kutzbrain, Captain Kuro used her ability to look through his body.

Finally she saw what was wrong. Kutzbrain had a broken body part.

She slowly reached into his body with her mind.

She asked John to help. He saw it too.

So did Ayla. They all helped.


Kutzbrain was almost choking. Someone was nice to him.

He was not sure if he could stand it.

Kuro reached into his body with her mind.

Then – snap!

Kutzbrain thought he must be dead.

He looked around.


Kuro and the others stood back, to give space around Kutzbrain.


Kutzbrain stood straight. He almost smiled.

“There… there… there is no pain. It has… gone…”

He looked at the others.


Kutzbrain looked at them all. He saw Captain Kuro, Prince Kuram and then John. They were all real. Each one was real.


“You… you… you are not John’s imagination. You are not my imagination. You are real!’

Kutzbrain reached out to touch Kuro carefully.

Prince Kuram signaled a warning, “Do not to act too fast.”


Captain Kuro looked at Kutzbrain.

She smiled. “You are not crazy. You never were.

“What was wrong was that you had something wrong with your body.

“We fixed it. The pain went. That is all.”


Kutzbrain looked at the medication bottle. “Then these drugs were never needed?”

Kuro shook her head. “No. They actually can hurt. What we did, was what we would ask you to do for us, if we were each other.”


With that, Doctor Kutzbrain changed.

John and the others taught him how to help and heal children.

The doctor became a good person.

The End

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