Captain Kuro Helping All The Animals

This is the eighth book of Captain Kuro From Mars Series in English.

Captain Kuro From Mars Helping All The Animals (Book 8)

Author: Nick Broadhurst

Illustrator: MD Hasib Uzzaman

Music: Tschix

Copyright © 2018  –  Nick Broadhurst – All rights reserved


The Men In Black were with Captain Kuro, outside John’s mountain house. The animals were there too.

Kuro’s spaceship was close by.

Horns of the nearby monastery blew.


Captain Kuro listened.

The Men In Black explained, “We are from a different world, like you.”

John and his family watched.

The animals did too.


The Men in Black said, “We have been on Earth for many lifetimes. We are trying to help all animals and humans live together.”


They said, “There is a natural order, a natural way. All things can exist together. If people follow it, all life can be happy.”


The Men In Black also explained, “There is only one Earth. It is shared by all life. All species are one large family. As a family we need to help each other, not hurt each other.”

They all agreed.

“We need to save our home,” said Prince Kuram the tiger.


The Men In Black said, “Like all families, there are fights. The fighting by the man-species, is hurting your home, and hurting the other species.”

By using quiet-talk the Men In Black shared far-seeing of a war. “This must stop.”


There was a noise and screaming from the jungle.

It was Doctor Kutzbrain, the psychiatrist, who hated John. “You are crazy! You need medication to halt your imagination.”

Kutzbrain was dirty. His clothes were badly torn.


Captain Kuro looked to the others.

Kutzbrain ran back into the jungle holding his medications. “You are mad! You need to be stopped!”


The Men In Black said. “He is insane. And that is the problem of Earth.”

Henry asked, “You mean, crazy people run Earth?”

The Men In Black nodded. They let them all far-see the pollution in the big cities.


Kutzbrain watched from out in the jungle.

His eyes were red.

His breathing was heavy.

“We are animals. We need to kill! We love death!”


A monkey standing next to Captain Kuro tapped his own head and quiet-talked. “Animals are not crazy. We do not destroy our home.”


Kutzbrain tried to throw a big rock from the trees but fell over backwards.

The monkeys laughed.

The Men In Black continued. “There are crazy members in all species. What should we do next Captain?”


John laughed, pointing to the bushes.

It was Kutzbrain again. He was being chased by leopards.


Captain Kuro said, “We need rules. First, the man-species is in charge. If any animal is hurt, it goes to a member of the man-species. The man-species must help it. Does everyone agree?”

They all agreed.


Captain Kuro next said. “We need to be good examples. By doing that we teach others that we are now a family helping each other’s species.”

Everyone nodded.


“We can teach this at schools,” said a monk.

“We can help you,” said a leopard.

“We can help too,” said an elephant.

“Children can teach their parents,” said Ayla, John’s sister.

Henry and Mary smiled.


The monks said. “We can use all our world religions to teach every child. The lessons are there.”

The Men in Black agreed. That was true.


Kutzbrain screamed. Tigers now chased him. “You are all mad. The world needs drugs. Your imagination will kill us. We love death. We kill the world to save it.”

The others all watched and shook their heads.


The Men In Black said. “These people run Earth now.” They pointed to Kutzbrain.

“He is a psychiatrist and expert. What do we do?” asked John’s mother.


Captain Kuro said, “We need to start now, teaching today. Quiet-talk to the animals and the children out there, before Kutzbrain and the others drug and poison them.”


The Men In Black nodded. “If they give children enough poison and drugs, then the children cannot quiet-talk. They cannot far-see. They cannot imagine.”

“Then we must hurry,” said Captain Kuro.

And quiet-talking began, and it went around the world.


Kutzbrain was still heard yelling from another mountain. “I will kill the world. I will rule. This is the only way to save Earth from evil animals. We are all animals. We all die.”

The Men In Black shook their heads. Kutzbrain really was mad.


The monks had been taught to quiet-talk and far-see too. They began their quiet-talking to other religions.


Soon everyone was saving Earth, and all the animals and children in it.

Will you help and save your world?

Can you quiet-talk to others?

The End

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