The Hunt For Captain Kuro From Mars By The Men In Black

This is the seventh book of Captain Kuro From Mars Series in English.

The Hunt For Captain Kuro From Mars By The Men In Black (Book 7)

Author: Nick Broadhurst

Illustrator: MD Hasib Uzzaman

Music: Tschix

Copyright © 2018 – All rights reserved – Nick Broadhurst


John and Captain Kuro were in a country with very tall mountains.

This was their new home.

Captain Kuro’s spaceship only worked sometimes. She was stuck on Earth.


“Do you think the Men In Black will find us?” asked John.

Kuro shook her head. “I hope not. Let us go inside for lunch.”


In another country were the Men In Black.

“We saw them fly away, on television,” the first man said.

“We need to find her,” said the other.

“How? They are gone.”


The second man smiled. “There is that mad psychiatrist named Doctor Kutzbrain. He will help. We only have to pay him.”

“But he is crazy,” said the first man.

The second man said, “Then we will make him an expert. That is what they do with crazy people. They call them experts.”


Doctor Kutzbrain was very happy. They gave him money and finally someone was listening to him.

He said, “When we find John, can I treat him?”

The Men In Black nodded.

Kutzbrain loved drugging children. It stopped their imagination. He liked death.


“Just tell us where they went,’ said the first Man In Black.

“Where is the spaceship?” was the next question.

Kutzbrain replied, “It is all imagination. Nothing is real. The boy just imagines it. I can see it.”


Captain Kuro was with new friends. One was a big black panther.

John was not scared. Black panthers were friends of Captain Kuro.

They used quiet-talk to communicate.

John’s father and mother could quiet-talk now. So could his sister.


Prince Karum the tiger was there too.

He lived nearby and quickly travelled to Captain Kuro’s new home.


Captain Kuro was teaching others how to quiet-talk, and far-see.

Monks were with them. They lived nearby. One pointed down the mountain. Monastery bells rang.


Kuro also looked down. She thought something was strange.

John was worried. He also felt it.

Karum said, “I think I can far-see trouble.”


Captain Kuro nodded. “I can see in my mind the Men In Black.”

John asked, “How can they be here?”

Captain Kuro far-saw and answered. “They have been helped by Doctor Kutzbrain.”


They far-saw to the inside of the black car. There they were, getting closer, driving to the mountain.


Captain Kuro called to all his other cat friends. He now needed their help. The Men In Black were coming.


As the car got closer, it was stopped by three tigers. A leopard jumped on the car roof. Thee more leopards jumped out behind them. The men were trapped.


Kutzbrain ran from the car. “This is imagination. We are getting closer. Look, they are not real!”

Kutzbrain punched one of the leopards in the nose. “Imagination, be gone!” he yelled.

The leopard then bit him on the foot. Kutzbrain screamed, and ran into the jungle. Other leopards chased him.


The two Men In Black looked at each other.

One said, “I told you he was crazy.”

The other said, “Yes. He is a psychiatrist. They are all mad.”


Three tigers still surrounded the car. One started to chew the car tires. The Men In Black got out.


A Man in Black said to the biggest tiger, “We need Captain Kuro’s help. That is why we are here, looking for her.”

The tiger did not know if he should eat the man or not.


Captain Kuro was watching this through the mind of Prince Kuram. Kuro saw everything the animals saw. She felt everything they felt. She looked to John, his father and mother. They all saw it in their minds too.


They quickly reached an agreement. Captain Kuro thought to the tigers. “Please bring them to us.”


Two elephants came out from the jungle and knelt down beside the Men In Black.


Soon the elephants, the men, and the big cats were travelling through the jungle to meet with Captain Kuro.


Finally, they arrived.

Captain Kuro stood, looking at them.

The Men In Black said, “Captain, we need your help. This world is dying. We tried but we failed to help it. The animals are dying. We have seen your work and need your help.”


John said, “We can work together then. You, us, and all the animals.  We all need to promise make a better world.”

John stood beside Captain Kuro and his family.

The animals were there too.

Then they all said together: “I promise to make a better world for all life to live together.”

Can you promise this too?

The End


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