The Mad Doctor Chases Captain Kuro From Mars

This is the fifth book of Captain Kuro From Mars Series in English.


Author: Nick Broadhurst

Illustrator: MD Hasib Uzerman

Music: Tschix

Copyright © 2018 – All rights reserved


Doctor Kutzbrain hid in the bushes outside of John’s house. He knew he had to help John. He only knew one way to do that. John needed medication. Medication was the only way to help people. Doctor Kutzbrain had been taught this at medical school.


Kutzbrain was a psychiatrist, and he gave children many mind-altering drugs. He got paid by drug companies to do that.  He loved his job. He could then stop that awful imagination children had.


Kutzbrain held up his favorite children’s medication. He had many other medications too. If he could get it into John, then John could be cured. No more tigers, and no more cats from Mars. Kutzbrain thought that then John could be a normal boy again, just like all the others the doctor had helped.


Kutzbrain knew he just had to wait until the right time. He could then jump on John when his parents were not there and phone for John to be taken away. The law said he could do that, as Kutzbrain was a psychiatrist.


Kutzbrain liked the law. He liked the drug companies. He liked death.

He ducked down.

Here came John and his stupid father.


Just as Kutzbrain had thought, John was imagining again.

It was very bad this time. Kutzbrain could see the cat from Mars and the image of the tiger.

Kutzbrain always knew they were not really there, and they were only from John’s bad imagination.


Kutzbrain needed to treat John fast so John could get better.

Then Kutzbrain’s life could get back to normal. He hated seeing John’s imaginary friends.

Kutzbrain put the medications in his pocket.

He found a good place to hide.

John’s father had left them. Here came John.


But there were others of John’s imagination nearby.

Those two crazy men dressed in black were also waiting in bushes.

John’s imagination must be getting worse.

Kutzbrain needed to hurry.


But Kutzbrain was a top psychiatrist. He was clever.

He knew how to get rid of the men in black from John’s imagination.

He crept closer.


The first man in black did not see Kutzbrain.

Kutzbrain then ran at them from the bushes.

Kutzbrain yelled, “You are evil demons from the imagination of John. Be gone!”


Kutzbrain tried to throw drugs down the throat of both men.

They ran away from the house into the bushes and hid.


Kutzbrain laughed to himself. That would teach John not to leave his imagination out there for anyone to find.


John pointed to the bushes. “Did you see that? They moved.”

Kuro looked over. No, she did not.

Prince Kuram saw it and said, “I will go and look.”


The psychiatrist saw the tiger’s image coming to him.

He swallowed his own medication and stood. “You cannot touch me. You are only imagination! I have medication to stop you! Be gone!”


Karum roared as loud as he could.

He was only an image, but the image was real.

It scared Kutzbrane and he screamed, and ran away.

As he ran he kept yelling, “His imagination cannot hurt me! Be gone!”


The two men in Black were watching this from the other side of the road. But they could not see the image of Kharum. Only Kharum could decide who could see him.

The two men looked at each other. They both said, “He is crazy.”


John and Captain Kuro went inside.

The two men slowly crept around the side of the house.


They were going to look in the window when all of a sudden, Kutzbrain jumped out from the top of a tree.


“No you don’t!” he screamed. “John is mine. Imaginations be gone.”

He threw his medication bottles at the two men.


The men in black ran back to their car.


John’s mother saw this from the top of her back window.

She called out. “Kuro, that mad doctor is outside again. What can we do?”

Henry rang the hospital.


Captain Kuro and Henry went around the back of the house.

Kharum found the crazy doctor up on the roof, looking down the chimney, throwing medication.

“This is for your tiger. Be gone. Take this!” called out Kutzbrain


Karum went onto the roof near Kutzbrain and roared.

Kutzbrain fell down the chimney.


Soon, the hospital ambulance took Kutzbrain away.

Everyone watched the ambulance while Kutzbrain screamed that it was all John’s imagination.

The End

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