I began writing these books in 1987.   Many of the stories were compiled while computers were in their infancy.   I continued building the stories until self-publishing came about, and the internet became my launching pad.

I lived and worked in Australia, Japan and the USA; I travelled to dozens of countries around the world.   I wrote the Sequetus Series as a passion, starting in earnest while managing construction projects in Australia.   I wondered why there was war, hate, conflict, people being slaughtered, and did UFO’s exist, and what about the dozen theories of our planetary history that seemed to be getting tromped on. I could see a pattern. I decided in 1989, to start writing a fictional account of what I had learned, and that was how it started in 1987.

I moved to Japan in 1992 where I wrote books 9 – 14.  Books 15 – 23 were written more recently in Western Australia.

A lot of what I write about I draw first-hand from life. I have never stopped researching it.

My first major life-adventure was to climb a string of mountains in Papua New Guinea in 1970.  That was before university, where I completed a Bachelor of Architecture. Since then, I have worked in the Himalayas, India, Korea, Taiwan and many other locations.   I have lived in over a dozen countries; two in civil-war.

The books start with the story Advance on Sequetus 3, solidly setting the stage for what’s to come.   The books build upon each other, to a spiritual science fiction zenith in the Earth Syndrome miniseries.

I had great help from my then-wife.  She is Japanese and I cannot shake the influence living in Japan did for me. It was like I was awakened socially inside. The next great help was from my proofreader.

The subject matter of this series of books is big.   I hope you enjoy your reading.   I have priced them to be read. I enjoy writing.   And lastly, good luck! I can confidently say, if you read the books from front to end, you will change.  I have another website called Himalayan Gold: Exotic Long Life Foods which is about prolonging the body’s lifespan and sprung up from the research on this book.

For more information: Nicholas Broadhurst author page at Amazon. Also, please see the Smashwords Nick Broadhurst author page.

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