Captain Kuro From Mars – Nepali Version

Nepali cover to Captain Kuro From Mars

By author Nick Broadhurst and illustrator MD Hasib Uzzaman.

Captain Kuro’s ship is in distress and she crashlands on Earth. She finds a friend and his name is John and he is lost. She can speak using what is called quiet-talk. She can also far-see and heal children. But then, all cats can do that as well. Just ask them.

The Captain Kuro From Mars series is the story of her adventures on Earth.

This story is in Nepali.

See the Nepali Video and Nepali text here.


Only 25 cents. All proceeds go to the NGO Better Education Nepal.

Captain Kuro is from Mars. She is really what is called a feelup – but for people on Earth that is the same as a cat, and all cats come from Mars anyway. Ask a cat and it will tell you.

See the author’s first illustration of a feelup.

Also see here the real Kuro and how the Captain Kuro idea started.

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