Captain Kuro From Mars Theme Music Audio

CK1- English

This is the Captain Kuro From Mars theme music by Tschx. The music is funky, and suits Captain Kuro. There is another soundtrack for Captain Kuro, and this is for use in games and other elements of the Captain Kuro media.

The Captain Kuro From Mars music will be released as its own album, distinct from the Sequetus Double Album, which has also been composed and performed by Tschx.

About Tschx: Tschx are from Germany originally, and reside in Europe. They came across the Sequetus adventure after coming into contact with the Sequetus Series by an early proofreader whom the author had met when he lived in Tokyo.

The author expresses many thanks to the musicians of Tschx and is inspired by their music and has spent hundreds of hours listening to their creation, and getting advice from them on how to use the music in other Sequetus media, such as in games and the like.


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