Earth Syndrome Miniseries – Prophecy’s Circle

ISBN: 9781311271440


IT    MAKES    SO    MUCH    SENCE.       IT’S    A    DIFFERENT    WORLD    NOW.”

The events have swung full circle.  The Talkron, those subverting the Galaxy, are found still stationed near Earth.  But, it’s not known where they originate from, or what other galaxies have penetrated.  This miniseries takes you there.  It covers the theory of time travel, faster than light travel, and more. Previously telepathy was covered, and is here in this miniseries, as is telekinesis.  You may not be the same after you read this book.

The universe out there is not glossy.  All the galactic civilisations are not there to enlighten you to some amazing supernatural state.  Some are maybe, but there are others, which have a destiny to enslave you. Learn which is which, and where they come from.

There are dozens of pictures and photos from, as in earlier volumes, plus there are maps and sketches to also help you.  Plus there is an awesome glossary, so you can fully understand all new terms.  There is a large notes section, giving more background behind the story.

Learn more about Earth, and what is in this system around us.  Learn about the nearby galaxies, very close to us, and far away.   Learn about their influence on this galaxy, this system, this planet.

ALL    6    BOOKS    IN    ONE    VOLUME.       Buy    it    now   in   USD   for:      $42. 77

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This book turns what you think might be – on its head. This universe is not as it seems, and this miniseries not only expands the box of science fiction thinking, but blurs its edges. There is a lot of factual data here, not just fiction.


So, there is a reference and beefy notes section as well. It gives you some of the factual data from which this miniseries draws upon. There are also many illustrations, more than the earlier miniseries. Good luck!

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Expand the sample illustrations below, for a fuller viewing experience. They are from the New Earth Miniseries. The first line of illustrations is from the story, while the second line of smaller pictures is from the glossary, showing the background behind the story.

Maps are available in full size on this page: SEQUETUS-MAPS. .

  • Corduke Assault Trooper
  • In six worlds
  • Aragon City
  • Combined Allied Fleet
  • Malukan moonscape
  • Enemy troopers
  • Battle ready
  • Forest and trees of life
  • Charon Prime
  • Inspecting the obelisk
  • Dirigible Over Orbat
  • The Talkron Huntsman - Makile Gile
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