…..The Earth’s moon has an extraordinary history.  It goes through thousands of moon quakes a year as it comes closer and withdraws away from our planet.  It heats up inside with the friction of the quakes.  This is where the maria flows come from that have covered many of the craters, especially on the near side of the moon that faces Earth.  The maria is relatively recent.  That is obvious, as there are way less craters impacting upon it.  Thus, by implication, the moon was once in another position in space not orbiting this Earth in this current location.  Otherwise there would be maria flows over the moon from way back when, and those flows would be covered in craters as well.  And that is not the case.

…..All this data is swell covered in the Sequetus Series books.  The books began in 1989, and they are fiction which comes from imagination.  The story deals with bases on the moon, unknown to mankind.  In the last miniseries, the Earth Syndrome Miniseries, the focus is again on Earth and especially the moon, and its bases, and what is going on there.  The Earth Syndrome Miniseries was written in 2014.

…..This page is here to show the inspiration for the stories from this series.  The photographs below show what some may claim to be artifacts, and what some may claim to be leaked photos of the moon landings.  The photos come from the early missions in the sixties, right through to recent times.  Especially look closely at the greenish photos.  They are from a Japanese lunar surveyor, and were snapped from their video as they went around the rear of the moon.  They have video of what appear to be structures, and these kind of structures are perhaps most similar to those in the stories in the Sequetus Series.

…..There are other apparent anomalies and structures, such as the last series of photographs.  The Sequetus Series is fiction, but all these anomalies in photos sent back from the moon were an inspiration for the stories.



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  • Pyramidal Anomaly
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