Expanded Glossary and Notes

ISBN: 9781310276187


Here is the compendium and glossary to the twenty-three book Sequetus Series.  The series took 25 years to write, and comprises four miniseries.  Each book has its own glossary, notes, maps, pictures and more.  They help the reader get the most from the stories.  This volume is the total glossary and reference section behind the epic story. 


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As well as the glossary of terms, this book has all the footnotes that many e-pub books formats cannot accept.  If a fan was to write their own short Sequetus story, this compendium would be a must.  It has every reference in the Sequetus Series from which to branch out into new stories.  This was why a glossary was written in the first place, so the author could write new works, while referring back to his same central core of information.

……….This books contains:

……….*  Glossary

……….*  All footnotes as in PDF files

……….*  Credits

……….*  All Notes from the New Earth and the Earth Syndrome Miniseries

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Please click on the images below to expand them. They are a sample of the small pictures in this book, mainly from behind the story.

Maps are available in full size on this page: SEQUETUS-MAPS.

  • Light ship photo Billy Meier
  • Winning design of Canberra
  • Light ship by Billy Meier
  • Washington flap 2
  • Over Olympus Mons on mars
  • Roswell crashed craft
  • moon anomaly crater
  • moon anomaly building
  • Horus
  • Foo fighters observed in Europe WW2
  • Face-on-Mars
  • dinosaur track over human
  • Abydos Temple glyph
  • Bumuda Triangle map
  • Condon Report unexplained
  • feelup
  • Olympus Mons
  • Pleiades map
  • Sea of Tranquility on Moon
  • Condon
  • zone cactus
  • zone meteorites
  • Experimental disk
  • Bruno Giordano