TEMPLE WORLDS – Secret Lies Within

 ISBN: 9781310975820

Here’s the fourteenth Sequetus Series book.  In the Federation, something strange is happening.  It has affected Earth for thousands of years.  Now, the Boguard, a benevolent galactic force, are trying to herd all civilizations into an ethical direction.  However, they have found something scary about the Federation Warp Drive Bank, which holds the monopoly on faster-than-light speed travel.


This is also the second book in the Juggernaut Miniseries.  In more detail, the plot is now set back on Jilta.  Here you will learn more of planet Jilta, the Imperial Federation Warp Drive Bank, its operations, and how faster-than-light speed travel occurs in the Federation.  Read the other books in the miniseries before you come to this one.  This one is full of action, as usual.  It is fun and enlightening.  Again it is pure space opera.  The plot will have you glued.

There are illustrations, maps, and a great glossary, to get you to the end of the journey.  This book is truly one of the best, and its themes are carried through to the very end of the series.  Good luck.

This read is good for both male and female science fiction readers, and there is no adult content.


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……….Expand the sample illustrations below for a fuller experience.

……….Maps are available in full size on this page: SEQUETUS-MAPS.

  • Ardan
  • Approaching Mortifor Station City
  • Crridan City
  • Chelo Bade of Jilta
  • City Security
  • Accessing Mortifor
  • Station City Explodes
  • Jilta Courtyard
  • Station City Explodes in Space
  • Federation Fighter
  • Intercepters
  • Map Galaxy BS 100 stylized
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