ISBN: 9781310678745

Here’s the eighteenth Sequetus Series book.  The secret organization discovered bringing the downfall of all known galactic civilizations has been found.  Its nerve centre has been traced back to Sequetus, the Earth solar system.  It is a secret race known as the Talkron.  It is now 3057 AD on Earth, and the Talkron control it.  However, Amy of Rambus, and others are coming.

Here starts the last miniseries, the Earth Syndrome Miniseries.  Jaron is heading back to Sequetus 3, Earth.  This story begins so as to find out why Goren Torren was originally sent to Earth in 1989.  Now, over a thousand years later, Jaron is headed back  to find what plagued that planet, and this galaxy, for millennium.  If you have come this far, you mustn’t leave the series now.

This is your last journey.  Buckle in, and suit up, for now you are at the eighteenth book of the Sequetus Series and about to find out some heavy data.  You better be there.

The history of the Federation, is mirrored in the history of planet Earth from the the planet’s prehistoric times onwards. Learn this history as Commander Beel delves into the planet’s historic past. Beel’s hope is that if he finds what was really happening on Earth, he can deal with what is happening in the galactic civilisations now.

There are great illustrations, pictures, maps, and a glossary.  Have fun.  Remember it is not all fiction.  There is a tapestry of truth below the stories.

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……….The pictures in the gallery are samples from this book. Enlarge them for a fuller experience.

……….Maps are available in full size on this page: SEQUETUS-MAPS.

  • Akeala
  • Amanda Submerged On Mars
  • Approaching Mars
  • Floater at Taj Himble
  • Martian Ruins
  • Pyramid
  • Man-O-War Arrives
  • Pyramids in Cydonia
  • Amanda Found
  • Venus photograph
  • Yama Yama
  • Map Galaxy BS 1094 stylized
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