ISBN: 9781310987908

Here’s the sixteenth Sequetus Series book.  Those subverting the culture and civilizations of the galactic Federation, including Earth, for the past thousands of years, have been exposed. They are the Talkron.  While they’re able to subvert time, they have made errors.  They hurt Amy badly, and she is mercilessly evening the score.  She’s Amy of Rambus, the Goddess of War, and she’s coming for them.


This is also the fifth book in the Juggernaut Miniseries.  In more detail, the Talkron have been found.  They are the ones controlling Earth and all the other planets in the Federation.  A group, headed by one originally from Earth, has decided to take the fight back to the Talkron headquarters.

What they find might surprise you; it might shock you; or you may just think it could never happen.  So why don’t you fasten your seat belt, buckle in, and get catapulted into the next book in this wild and magnificent epic.

As usual, there are great illustrations, maps and diagrams to help the reader, plus there is a full glossary.  The book is good for both male and female science fiction readers, and there is no adult content.


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  • Planet Tyrone
  • Castano
  • Belkron Blu
  • Over Palbo
  • South Polar Regions of Palbo
  • The Mind-Universe
  • Planet Tyrone
  • Port Palbo
  • Sea Freighter
  • South Polar Base
  • Talgras Reef Outpost
  • Talkron Hunter Amy
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