Sequetus Series




The Sequetus Series


Nick Broadhurst does not expect you to believe that he flew off a mountain cliff in Papua New Guinea in 1969. Nor that he jumped ten stories from a bridge in the Japanese mountains in 1997. He would not expect you to believe that a guard on a steam train in communist Romania leveled his automatic at Nick. He further would not expect you to believe that he spent 150 nights in the Australian bush, much in winter with no cover.  Once he had a considerable holding of shares in one of the biggest diamond deposits on Earth. And yes – he lost them. But you don’t have to believe it. And he also would not expect you to believe that he trained in boxing, karate and taekwondo. Nor could he expect you to believe that he studied Sanskrit in the Language Department of Kathmandu. Much of his life was spent overseas, in any of the fifty nations and principalities he got to know. And he spent more than a year of his life voluntarily in civil war zones. He did all those things, and some more. But he cannot expect you to believe it. However, what you can believe is that he has written the Sequetus Series, twenty-three books of profound wild imagination. They are fiction, more or less. So you do not have to believe them. And therein lies the truth for you about Nick Broadhurst. Perhaps he should not tell you about what he has done. But he can tell you about what he has imagined, and what it was like when his mind was there.


The Sequetus Series Book Store

This site is designed for phones. If you use a desk top computer there is a sister site: Because this site is designed for phones, the layouts are different. Prices are in Australian dollars.

Your Books Below

The first book below is the big collection of all 24 books. This is the Sequetus Series in full. It is either by a large PDF file, a large Mobi file, or four ePub files. You choose. The sizes of the files are written there. Make sure your computer can accept the size of files being offered.

After that we have the New Earth Miniseries. This is the collection of the first eight books.

The following book-file is the Templar Miniseries, which is the collection of the next four books in the series.

Then there is the Juggernaut Miniseries, which is the next five books.

Then, the last miniseries, is the Earth Syndrome Miniseries, the final six books. That is 23 books in all.

So, go down the page further. You will see the individual books, and you can certainly read each book one at a time. There are definite advantages to that. And we encourage it. And each book costs less than a cup of coffee.

At the end of it all is the Compendium.

So, click onto the book of your choice. It has a description of what lies within it. If you want to buy it, then click through to the cart, then click onto the payment page.

Payment is done by Credit Card or PayPal.

The Sequetus Series All 24 Books

Herein is the mega all books in one download. It contains all 24 books. Click on it. Then buy it, and then read it. Buying it once saves coming back, time and time again.

The Sequetus Series Miniseries

Herein are the four miniseries. Each miniseries contains all its relative individual books, as above. Click on the first, New Earth Miniseries, and buy it.  Then read it. Then buy the next and read that, and so on.

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