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These books really are amazing.  I read all four miniseries.  They were hard to put down.  I also found the series to be a lot of fun.  And I further found the books very thought-provoking.  There is a lot of profound philosophy written here.  This is not from just another sci-fi writer.  These books have an edge to them, like some of the science fiction classics.  I think of Herbert and Heinlein novels for obvious similarities.  Maybe Donaldson is another.  I have not had such a read for many years.


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The Sequetus Series - Epic Science Fiction

New Earth Miniseries
Templer Miniseries
Juggernaut Miniseries
Earth Syndrome Miniseries

Out there this planet Earth is known as Sequetus 3. Many people on Earth have no question of their origin, what they are doing, or if there is more to existence than their life insurance policy. That is the way it has been planned; that is the way it has been, and that is the way it is meant to be in the future. However, for some out there they want to know why this planet has not been intervened and its neighbors introduced to it. They want to know why the people of this planet live an unnaturally short life. They want to know why the planet is off limits to the rest of the civilizations out there. This planet is riddled with agents from various quarters. The governments know mostly who they are. But the people of Earth do not know who the governments work for. The planet is very restive; wars are active, with the rate of technological advancement being pushed by war. Some on planet Earth want to know why man has not been back to the moon in almost fifty years. Some speculate correctly, while agents are actively engaged to make light of such speculation. In 1989 an intelligence officer from out there gets commissioned to go to Sequetus 3, Earth...............

The Templar Miniseries picks up the story a thousand years after the New Earth Miniseries. Sequetus 3, Earth has been denuded of population. Something has happened. Almost all people have vanished from the planet. Yet out there the short-lifers, those whose forebears came from Earth, are setting up a religion based on the works of that earlier intelligence officer who went to Earth in the preceding series. This religion now reaches all through the known galaxy. Nothing seems to be able to stop it. It is spreading as fast as the short-lifers can populate the galaxy. However, there are some out there who are convinced the short-lifers and their religion are a blight on the galaxy, and must be stopped, at any cost. That religion, known as the Temple, now finds it is fighting for its existence. As the fighting dies, the force trying to rid the galaxy of the short-lifers and their religion, is found to be the same force that was trying to exterminate and operate on planet Earth back in the twentieth century. Or are they?

This miniseries picks up where the preceding books finished. The galactic war is over. The oppressive force, which was running things, is gone. It was trying to oppress the short-lifers from Earth, and their religion. Yet, there are indications things are not as smooth as they should be. The decedents of that intelligence officer sent to Earth in the New Earth Miniseries are now active, searching for the answers that their ancestor had failed to find. There was a force back then, running Earth, from the moon. It has a presence all through the galaxy. Those answers that were sought back in 1989 were never really found, but it is evident now there is another group behind all the others. The galaxy has changed, who controls it has changed. But somewhere there behind all the unanswered questions of why the galaxy does not run right, are a group, and they are now being exposed for who and what they are and it is they who finally are being hunted. The Juggernaut has turned events around.

The decedents of that intelligence officer who came to Earth, over a thousand years before in 1989, are now on the hunt to rid the galaxy of those who have subverted their control of the Galaxy. The intention of this unknown group, whoever they are, is simply evil. It is further found that all leads to trace this group return back to Sequetus 3, Earth. It is Earth that needs to be further investigated. That is where they go, with a small battle fleet. When they arrive at Earth however, it is not what it should be. It is still denuded of its population, but the Sequetus series of planets has over a thousand other space craft around the system doing something, and they are militarily protected. It is soon found this uninvited group is not native to this galaxy, and they have an agenda, and they have been working on it for millennium through Earth’s prior development. This is the final frontier for all other civilisations elsewhere in this galaxy. Earth is their battleground.