Sequetus Series

Month: October 2013


ISBN: 9781310307966 . Vigil – New Truth . Here’s the twentieth book in the Sequetus Series. The Talkron on Sequetus 2, Venus, are being routed.  The Federation of Planets is united in launching a counter offensive to the invasion of their galaxy.  But how, which galaxy and where do...

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 ISBN: 9781310596285 New Federation – Redeeming Earth . This is the eighth book of the Sequetus Series.   The main character, Goren Torren, has traveled to the future, through a portal in Mexico, tackling a small grey race subverting Earth.  This story starts in 2011, but drifts, via...

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ISBN: 9781311960061 . Final Passage – The Unspeakable . Here’s the nineteenth Sequetus Series book.   The battle lines are drawn.  Amy of Rambus, Jaron – originally from Earth, and others have united to flush out and eradicate the Talkron.  However, it is not that simple when both sides...

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ISBN: 9781310678745 . The Earth Syndrome – Defining Truth . Here’s the eighteenth book in the Sequetus Series.  The secret organization bringing about the downfall of all known galactic civilizations has been found.  Its nerve center has been traced back to Sequetus, Earth’s solar system. There is a secret...

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ISBN: 9781311752031 . The Book of War – The Price . Here’s the twelfth Sequetus Series book.  The military junta that was interfering with Earth, prior to the Twenty-first Century, is now trying to arm the Temple religious movement.   The Temple religion started arriving out-there with the short-lived...

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