What is the Sequetus Series?


…..The Sequetus Series is a series of fifty-one novelettes and illustrated science fiction books that have some research behind them. 

…..They begin on Earth in 1989.  The term Sequetus is the name applied from out there, to our solar system.  It simply means “a long series of planets in sequence“.  Planet Earth is Sequetus 3, Mars is Sequetus 4, and the labeling is as simple as that.

…..The first four miniseries, is what this site is about.  See the Author page to learn more how this all started.  There are other sites the author has which have more.  Simply, as the story evolves, more it put up to promote the story.

…..This website is about Books 1 – 24.  Here is how all these books work in relationship to each other.



…..Books 1 – 8 are about this planet, this time.

…..Books 9 – 12 are set in the future a millennium away.

…..Books 13 – 17 follow on from above.

…..Books 18 – 23 follow on from above and conclude.

…..Book 24 is the Compendium to the above 23 books.

…..Book 25 is the New Earth Miniseries.

…..Book 26 is the Templar Miniseries.

…..Book 27 is the Juggernaut Miniseries.

…..Book 28 is the Earth Syndrome Miniseries.

…..Book 29 is the full 23 book compilation.



…..Books 30 to 41 are children’s picture books and comics. 

[In Books 18 – 23 of the Sequetus Series there is a small animal on the ship of our hero.  It is similar to a cat.  It comes from Mars.  When that twenty-third book finished, the story did not.  For the sake of the picture books, we call that animal a cat.  The cat’s name is Kuro.  It has personality.  In the picture-books, she calls herself Captain Kuro, and she is from Mars.  This is how the twelve children’s picture books continue on from the story of the Sequetus Series.  Kuro crashes her spaceship back on Earth in around the year 2018 (going back in time) and gets rescued by a family in Australia. Her story continues from there.  Those books are all illustrated.  Book 25 is in sixty languages.  There are comic strips as well. Kuro by the way is the name of Nick’s cat, and the word “Kuko” means “black in Japanese. The etymology of it stems from Sanskrit, which also means black. ]





…..Books 42 – 50 are a rewrite of Books 1 – 8.  

Here is where it gets complicated.  There is travel through time.  But let us say simply this: time is an apparency.  It appears to be, and we agree with it.  Thus the apparency persists.  The truth is that time exists, but only as an apparency.  If one could break the agreement that one has with time and its apparency, and break the addiction to being in present time, then one could free his native spiritual attention to go from the present into past.  In so doing, it would be possible to change one’s own mind back then, in the past.  This is true, and it is not fiction.  The fiction is in the story that is written here, and this concept is threaded all through these books.

So, in this miniseries, the past has been altered, and so the books have had to be rewritten.  The reader may get a first taste of that when reading Books 1 – 23.  Note that each book has up to a dozen rewrites, threading this through the earlier books.  Thus, the reader is somewhat prepared for this.  So, if you were to read each book on this website again, after having completed them, and again, you would learn more.  The proofreader read the whole series three times herself to get the benefit.  So have others.

Books 37 and 38 are done, rewritten, but need proofreading.

Books 1 – 8 are about half the size of the rewrite versions.

Note that there is also an extra book in Books 42 to 50.  This is because there is a book between Book 7 and 8 that was never written.  It is in this miniseries as Book 49.  It will become apparent why it is introduced here when it is read.



…..Books 51 to 54 deal directly with the phenomena of fighting an enemy that changes the past to overcome obstacles in the present.

…..Here you will see from the future just how much the past has been changed, from being in the future.  And if you have read all the way through, on this adventure of adventures, you will really get it.


…..Now, back to this website.

…..There are a couple of dozen reference pages on this site, with photos.  This helps put the stories in context.  A person can get lost in those references for days.  They are here >>   References

…..Both the Sequetus Series, and the Captain Kuro From Mars Series are expected to find themselves in comic books, manga, and in games.

…..There are eighteen soundtracks recorded for the Sequetus Series, plus two tracks for Captain Kuro From Mars. The musician is Tschx, from Europe.  These are brilliant. 

…..The reason for the Sequetus Series was for the author to have some fun writing. He hopes readers can have also fun reading.


…..Music Soundtrack, by Tschx


…..SEQUETUS SERIES Videos here are the music set to the initial music by Tschx.


…..SEQUETUS SERIES Advertisements are here and are fun to watch.


…..Readers Comments


More about Sequetus and the author and those who helped can be found on www.sequetus.biz and www.sequetus.net

The latter site has all the Captain Kuro from Mars Series books, as well as articles by the author.

More on the author can be found on www.canberrabuildinginspectionsact.com.au and www.himalayan-gold.com