Sequetus Series

Sequetus Soundtrack


There are 19 soundtracks recorded for this series. The musician is named Tschix. Above is the title soundtrack for the series. It is called SEQUETUS.

Each track follows the books. The author new the wife of the lead musician of Tschix, when Nick was writing much of the first miniseries in Japan. She headed a Japanese publishing house at the time. Now, she and her husband reside in Europe. Below are the titles of the soundtracks in the order they appear in the books. All tiles are able to be listened to on the sister site


Sequetus Soundtrack

Anki Meets Goren Soundtrack

Battle For Sequetus 3 Soundtrack

Boguard to the Rescue Soundtrack

Feel Free – Free of the Psychrons Soundtrack

Final Journey Soundtrack

I Will Dominate them all – Brandon Mirak – Soundtrack

Into Space Soundtrack

Mission Impossible – Amy’s Song Soundtrack

Obsession of the Warp Drive Bankers Soundtrack

On Sequetus 4 – A Martian Landscape Soundtrack

On the Dunes of Mars Soundtrack

Quest of Goren Torren Soundtrack

Spirit and Waves and Amy Overcomes The Biotines Soundtrack

Technology From Maluka Soundtrack

The Secrets of the Pleiades Soundtrack

The Way to Knowledge Soundtrack


There are more soundtracks available to be listened to on the next page, with the videos accompanying the music. More Music By Tschix