Sequetus Series

Author – Nick Broadhurst

Nick Broadhurst is the author, and he is also an architect.

He began writing his books in 1989. Shortly afterwards they were were compiled digitally on computer 51/2″ floppy disks.

The very first stories were hand written, in Australia, until he could afford an Amstrad computer (1512SD-MCbx) with a 5 1/2″ floppy drive. In those early days each floppy disk could store about twenty pages of text data. No more.

Nick began work in Japan in 1992, and continued building his stories until self-publishing came about many years later. Soon the internet became his launching pad.

Nick has lived and worked in Australia, Japan, USA and many other countries. He has lived and worked and traveled in dozens of countries around the world.

Nick wrote the Sequetus Series as a passion, starting in earnest while managing construction projects in Australia.   He wondered why there was war, hate, conflict, people being slaughtered, and did UFO’s exist?  And what about the dozen theories of our planetary history that seemed to be getting questioned? He could see a pattern and so decided in 1989 to start writing a fictional account of what he had learned, and that was how it started, in 1989.

Nick moved to Japan in 1992, where he wrote books 6 – 14.  Books 15 – 23 were written more recently in Western Australia.

After the Sequetus Series, Nick wrote the Captain Kuro From Mars series of twelve children’s picture books.  That included comic strips as well.  Mostly they were written in around 2016 – 18 while he was in Australia and Nepal.  In 2019 he began the first eight books of the Sequetus Sequel.  These are, and will be, published on a different website.

A lot of what Nick writes about he draws first-hand from life. He has never stopped wondering. More of this is on the About Us page.

Nick has been to and in: Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Bahrain, Jordan, South Africa, United States, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, North Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Greece, Italy, Austria, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. He has met a lot of interesting people.

Nick recalls his first major life-adventure was to climb a string of mountains in Papua New Guinea in 1970.  That was before university, where he later completed a Bachelor of Architecture.  Since then, he has worked in many countries, two of them in civil war.

While at university Nick worked in the Australian outback during the semester breaks. There he had time at night to read, and developed a taste for science fiction. In all his travels, his fiction books always went with him.

The book reading got to a point where the best of the classics were all read. The only thing Nick thought left to do, was write. Again, more is explained on the About Us page, as well as on

Nick started with the story Advance on Sequetus 3, setting the stage for what was to come. The books build upon each other, to a spiritual science fiction zenith in the Earth Syndrome Miniseries.

Some writers plot, and strategize their stories. Nick does not, he just sits down and writes the story as it comes into his mind. He writes as fast as he can, not caring about grammar to much. He writes to capture the story in his mind before it is gone. Then later he can fix and edit it over and over.

Nick had great help from freinds of many nationalities. His ten years in Japan particularly influenced him and how he looked at life.  It was like he was awakened socially inside. Those who helped can be found on the site.

The subject matter of this series of books is big.   Nick hopes you enjoy your reading, and has priced them to be read.  And lastly, good luck!  He confidently says that if you read these books from front to end, you will change. But that is all he will say about it, smiling.

Nick has another website called Himalayan Gold: Exotic Long Life Foods which is about prolonging the body’s lifespan.  This idea sprung up from the research of why we do not live longer in the Sequetus Series. That research on human longevity is on this site. You can prolonging the body’s lifespan.

For more information, please also see the Smashwords Nick Broadhurst author page (for Apple Barnes and Noble and so on) and the Amazon Nick Broadhurst author page.

Nick also has a building inspection business in Canberra, Australia, called My Canberra Building Inspections ACT.  This is how he makes his general livelihood today.  His page is there at Nick Broadhurst Building Inspector.

Should you be in Australia, and you need a brilliant photographer and cinematic productions, please try Monkeybrush Films. They can also be contacted here. They are adaptable and suitable for all genre and photographic needs such as book cover art, production settings and so on.

For fine artwork Nick recommends his brother in Australia – Sam Broadhurst. He works on commission and  is available here at this site: Sam Broadhurst.