Sequetus Series

Sequetus Series Books

There are twenty-three books, plus glossary, in the epic Sequetus Series.  These books are bound in four miniseries.  Each miniseries is its own entire story.

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They are as follows in numerical order:


Advance on Sequetus 3 – Preparation Earth

Over Sequetus 3 – Arrival on Earth

Chariots of Sequetus 3 – Battleline Earth

Magi – The Planet of the Gods

The Silent Enemy – Rulers of Earth

The Federation Unravels – The Black Junta

Savior of Sequetus 3 – Time Gate Keepers

New Federation – Redeeming Earth

Temples of Sequetus 3 – A force Reborn

Temples and the Juggernauts – Evil’s Surface

Escape From Federation – New World Evil

The Book of War – The Price

Juggernauts – Prophecy Returns

Temple Worlds – Secret Lies Within

Far Outer Worlds and Sequetus 3 – New Truth

The Talkron Hunter Part 1 – Goddess of War

The Talkron Hunter Part 2 – Evil Exposure

The Earth Syndrome – Defining Truth

Final Passage – The Unspeakable

Vigil – New Truth

Malika Rising – Chrononauts

Orbat – Forbidden History

Galaxy – Bioclone Worlds

Compendium – Glossary and Notes

New Earth Miniseries – A Conspiracy of Silence

Templar Miniseries – And The New Worlds

Juggernaut Miniseries – Prophecy Returns

Earth Syndrome Miniseries – Prophecy’s Cycle

Sequetus Series – All 24 Books – Earth’s Missing Millennium 1989 – 3059



Captain Kuro From Mars Series

The following children’s picture books are available from as follows.


Captain Kuro From Mars

Captain Kuro From Mars and Prince Khuram

Captain Kuro From Mars and The Men in Black

Captain Kuro From Mars and The Mad Doctor

Captain Kuro From Mars and The Mad Doctor Returns

The Mad Doctor Chases Captain Kuro From Mars

The Hunt for Captain Kuro From Mars by The Men in Black

Captain Kuro From Mars Helping All The Animals

Captain Kuro From Mars Against The Polluters

Captain Kuro From Mars and the Mad Doctor’s Revenge

Captain Kuro From Mars Helping Others

Captain Kuro From Mars is Going Home



Hunt For Sequetus 3 – Chasing The Legend

Quest of Sequetus 3 – Chasing the Legend


There are more to be written.



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