Sequetus Series

New Earth Miniseries


ISBN: 9781310069260 New Earth Miniseries – A Conspiracy Of Silence . EXTRAORDINARY SCIENCE FICTION REAL, WITH A MIND-BENDING PLOT . Here are the complete eight books of the New Earth Miniseries, which are the first eight books of the epic Sequetus Series.  This is a big miniseries.  Like the Galaxy,...

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 ISBN: 9781310596285 New Federation – Redeeming Earth . This is the eighth book of the Sequetus Series.   The main character, Goren Torren, has traveled to the future, through a portal in Mexico, tackling a small grey race subverting Earth.  This story starts in 2011, but drifts, via...

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ISBN: 9781310825439 . Magi – The Planet of the Gods . Here’s the fourth book in the Sequetus Series.   The main character, an agent from out-there, is back on Sequetus 3, Earth, in the early 1990’s.  His earlier intelligence estimate was incomplete.  Earth was nearly destroyed.  Now, he...

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