ISBN: 9781310943867


Juggernauts – Prophecy Returns


Here’s the thirteenth book in the Sequetus Series.  In this book the leader of the Palboan Temple, is saved from forces which see him as their only obstacle to unhindered galactic control. 

They have plans for him, and the Temple.  They may have lost their takeover of the Galaxy a generation ago, but that does not mean that those years have been idle.

The Corduke network, which is loyal to Jaron and the Master Templar, save him.  Others, enemies, because of who this prophesied leader is, and his historic roots back to Earth, want Jaron either disposed of, or destroyed.  But there are those who refuse to give in. 

However, as the air is now being heavily polluted, and the food slowly poisoned, apathy sets into the population.  Many have given up on making a better life.  That apathy is exactly what some want.

And so, the enemy out-there has time, and patience.  It does not mind waiting, planning, manipulating, and putting their people into places to bide their time.  Their moment will come.  Time is on their side.  They set their plans in terms of decades, not years.

This book is the first volume in the Juggernaut Miniseries.  It is space opera in its purist. It has a spiritual lean on events that you should find interesting, and which makes total sense.


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What a spiritual blast into space opera the story is.  This is the third set of volumes in this continuing epic Sequetus Series, started 12 books ago.

When it was promised in the summary of the first book, Advance on Sequetus 3, that you would learn what is truly happening on Earth, we meant it.  You are still doing that, in this and future books.  And remember, this story was first penned in around 1992.  Think of that as you read this story and look at your own world around you.

Like the other volumes, there are great illustrations, pictures, maps, and glossary.  Have fun and remember it is not all fiction.  There is a tapestry-of-truth below the stories.

This book is a great read for both male and female science fiction readers.



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Maps are available in full size on this page: Sequetus Maps.


  • Battle in Search of Jaron
  • Wrecked Intercepter Found
  • Flight Ship
  • Garnow's Gift
  • Armada
  • Dogfight in space
  • Taj Himble
  • Unknown Planet in Pleiades
  • Bloat down
  • Interceptors
  • Federation Fighter