ISBN: 9781311049667


Maluka Rising – Chrononauts


Here’s the twenty-first book in the Sequetus Series.   The Talkron have been completely routed from the Sequetus system, home of Earth.   Next is obvious.  Push the fight to a higher theater, planet Maluka.  It is home of the Transgalactic Ship Corporation, the last Talkron bastion of faster than light speed travel.   Maluka is a veritable fortress planet now.  It takes stealth, not brute force, to get inside its borders.

This also is the fourth volume in the Earth Syndrome Miniseries.   As further detail, attention finally goes to the planet Maluka, the home of the Transgalactic Ship Corp, which developed faster than light speed travel, on Earth, in the 1950’s.  We find Earth was also a prison planet for spiritual dissidents in most of its glory days gone by.

The forces are gathering.  The Master Templar has a new crack division, a intelligence corp, known as the Hallowmen.  And there are the Cordukes, a spiritual paramilitary group.  They are on Planet Jilta and doing their own Estimate of The Situation of Earth, and searching for what Goren Torren missed those years ago.

In this book you will be taken to the Prime Planet Center of Maluka.  You will meet the internal resistance.  You will meet others from Malukan prison planets, who are now being set free.

There is more time travel, going well back into the past to change events in the present.  There is an entire Boguard section devoted to this.  And there is more, so wild we will not say here.


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In this volume you will find the Boguard armed units. They have been training as well.

The Federation now really knows what Maluka has been doing, and is about the change the way this galaxy has been run.   However, as soon as the Federation changes the galactic outcome, they find that history has re-altered, and the worlds are not as they were an instant before.   Someone has the ability to monkey with time, travel through it, and alter history.  In this volume, understand what time really truly is, and use it.

This is a fast, riveting, and compelling book.   You will learn a lot of what is really possible in travelling time, plus you will learn more how faster-than-light speed travel works in the Federation.

Like the other volumes, there are great illustrations, pictures, maps, and glossary.  Remember it is not all fiction.  There is a tapestry of truth below the stories.  This book is a great read for both male and female science fiction fans.




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  • Maluka City Centrum
  • Life of Trees
  • Maruen
  • Ice planet
  • Maluka Prime Planetary Center
  • Escape from CSs
  • World of Ice
  • Landing on Grogon
  • Malukan moonscape
  • Fleeing the Talkron
  • Battle ready
  • Changing Earth