New Federation – Redeeming Earth


 ISBN: 9781310596285

This is the eighth book of the Sequetus Series.  The main character, Goren Torren, has traveled to the future, through a portal in Mexico, tackling a small grey race subverting Earth.  This story starts in 2011, but coasts, via the time-portal, decades into the future.  Whereupon Goren finds it’s the day of intervention, by out there, for Earth.

 Bizarrely, when Goren returns to our present, the spiritual following he started on Earth in the previous books, has turned into a full-blown growing religious movement.  He does not agree.  But the prophecy about him seems to be growing in momentum.  He really is now back from the future.  That prophecy is being fulfilled.  And the more he tries to avoid the prophecy, the more he finds himself drowning in its inevitability.

This is also the eighth volume in the New Earth Miniseries, plus it is its concluding book.  You mustn’t put it down now.  Find out what is on the other side of the time portal, and when it really is.  There are some good surprise endings in this one.

But in summary, our character, Goren Torren, returns from the future in a round about way.  He must travel through and past future known places, such as a destroyed Earth, and a lot more.  He is inventive.  He is a survivor.  Find out how he does it.  But find out how it has all changed.

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You will also find why this story was designed to be the last book of the very original Sequetus Series, when it was first written in 1993.
If you have read the earlier volumes you know that there is a battle out there, as well as on this planet Earth.  There are plans afoot for our planet and if they succeed Earth will be thrown into total chaos.
Goren Torren used to have phenomenal abilities, but in this book they are enhanced dramatically, but at a cost.  His body longevity is now ticking down.  So is the prophecy.
Like the other volumes, there are great illustrations, pictures, maps, and glossary.  Have fun and remember it is not all fiction.  There is a tapestry of truth lying just beneath the stories.
This book is a great read for both male and female science fiction fans.


……….See and enlarge the sample artwork from this volume for a fuller experience.  The story is fast and exciting, just like the illustrations suggest.

……….Maps are available in full size on this page: SEQUETUS-MAPS.

  • Approaching New Earth
  • Battling Six Worlds Montage
  • Boguard in planetoid Tibel
  • Destruction in Six Worlds
  • Battle in Six Worlds
  • The FSS Morcan
  • In Memorial
  • Approaching Six Worlds
  • Telkabar Battle
  • Telkabar City
  • Goren shot
  • 10 star solo