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Earth Syndrome Cover

Mars has intrigued man since he could first look to the heavens.  There have been great science fiction writers who have sourced mars as a passion of intrigue.  There are earlier notes on Mars in the New Earth Miniseries.

What is of interest here is that there are numerous references to Mars, notably on the Internet, that Mars has the building blocks of life.  There are instances of a series of photographs from the rover, that when looked at in detail, they look like fossils.

Then there is the water in the crater pictures.  The glossary does show the single crater, but here in the notes-section the photograph is larger.   This photograph shows not only many different aspects of water being present, but this picture could not be made digitally buy a computer.  Have a look at the small crater.  Blow up the image to around 500 %. What are evident are the different colored strata of clay in the soil below the waterline. On top is yellow grey, but below that is pale grey clay with a slight blue hint. Some of that blue is leaching from the soil into the top of the water down to the base, in exactly the right manner.  That blue clay surfaces to the right of the crater. The point being, it is too perfect geologically to be forged on a computer

The same applies if one then goes to the other craters.  The Bond Crater is not as deep as the crater above, but it can be seen that it is very shallow at the sides of the crater and fuller further in.  One can also see the fines in the water, it is that detailed.  The fines are the suspended silt or clay that does not settle to the bottom.  The Bond Crater below is the same.  Moreover, water is evident over this entire collage of photos.  There are many puddles as well.

The below picture can be found still by using Google Earth Mars, the last time the author checked.  (34″ 39′ 57 52 S   31″52′ 50 50 W)  However, also note that the same image has been shown different as well.  One time the author checked it was shown seemingly frozen, with dust on the surface.

If someone wants to get on Google (Earth) Mars and had a look, it is there to be seen.  Most of Mars is below zero degrees, and is subject to dust storms.  It also has volcanic activity.  These photos do not mean that there is unfrozen water there all the time, or even that it is an annual expectation.  However, in these photos at this instant that they were taken, there was water on this site above.

The next photo shows a typical riverbed one might expect from a planet that once had water.  If you want to see more, just go to Google Mars and see it for yourself.  The point being that the planet did have a lot of liquid and it made shorelines, rivers, and seas and so on.  Of course, the mystery now is where the water went.

Perhaps an interesting mystery was several years ago a person discovered a structure on Google Mars. It made the news.  This author checked and there it was.  One could us use Google Mars and go around it, fly past from the different sides, just as the person did on You Tube who reported it.  It was obviously a structure.  It was on Google Mars.  That is all the data there was.  Why or who could not be deduced.  However, what happened next was that dozens of other You Tube sites sprang up discrediting it, making similar but obviously bad fabricated copies, so that if someone was looking for it, they found these copies instead.  Viewers would then deduce it was all a bad hoax. Now the original has gone, but some of the hoaxes remain.  This is interesting fits into our story well.

Other interesting parts of Mars are the photos being generated.  Some are obvious hoaxes.  One wonders if these hoaxes are deliberate to mislead people into thinking that all anomalies are hoaxes, including those that are not.



The Earth’s moon is another matter of intrigue.  It has many older type photos.  Google Moon does have information.  However, it is not of the same clarity as Google Mars.

Obviously, man has not reportedly gone back to the Moon.  It would have taken little to go there.  Once the Space Shuttle was up in space, in orbit, it could have been saving a little fuel in every trip.  Then when it had enough, it certainly could have gone to the moon and back many times without any reports to the public.  It is so obvious I am not sure it has not already happened many times.

Nevertheless, the moon itself has all manner of people pouring over its old photos.

Here one wonders what travels across the moon like this, skipping through the dust and denting the surface.  It just does not seem like something would roll that way without artificial power.

The picture below is the one that inspired the Moonbase story.  The writer found this by simply looking up Google Moon and wondering where he would put a base, himself being a building contractor, where would he build it?  Where he decided was here in the immediate, photo below, so it was used as a model for the base.

One can see something in the center of the crater that looms up from the surface perhaps thirty to fifty-stories tall.  One wonders how something does that if it were a natural occurrence.  There appear to be two towers.  But that is not all. Look at the sides of the crater, which appear to be different to all other craters in the region.  The crater walls are vertical, as though they are artificial retaining walls.  None of the other craters have vertical sides.  They all slope.



Whatever the Black Knight is, it baffles people.  It does look like a bomber.  The photos of it vary. It appears to be around fifty ton.  It appears to be on a polar orbit.  American astronauts first photographed it in the 1960’s.

The photo above allows it to look like a bomber.  In the photo below it just could just be a very unusually shaped rock.



Attacked By Warp drive MachinesNikola Tesla developed the Tesla Coil. It works on induction.  There are two coils side by side of each other.  The smaller coil is wired up to a source of electricity.  It runs power through itself. Next to it is a larger coil, and it is not connected to any other source.  It is a bigger coil and by its size and by harmonious induction, it induces a far greater power from the atmosphere than the smaller coil ever costs.  The result is that with a smaller source of power a larger output could be available.  Today such coils can be bought on the open market. During his day Tesla was funded by J.P. Morgan, banker, and when Morgan found out the electricity was to be for free, he withdrew his financial support.

At that time, Tesla had the town of Colorado rigged to be the small coil with a larger coil almost two hundred feet high to induce the volume of power he was going to collect for free.

His plan was to have several such large inducers and from them draw enough power to energize the entire planet at virtually no cost.

After Tesla died, US government agents raided his home and confiscated his patents.

In THE EARTH SYNDROME, this same philosophy is applied to the concept of the Golden Cap.  It has minute coils, used to induce the power from broadmatter (see Book 7) to create power of the wearer thousands of times the normal human operating level over the physical universe.



Giants appear on Earth mythology from many parts of the planet.  The myths relate to early days of Earth.  Some legends are passed down through the Holy Bible: “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” Genesis 6:4-5 calls the giants Nephilim.

In Hinduism the giants are called Daltyas, and were the children of Diti and the sage of Kashyapa who fought against the gods or Devas.

In Native American mythology the Si-Te-Cah are the legendary tribe of re-haired cannibalistic giants, the remains of which were allegedly found in 1911 by miners in Nevada.  This is disputed as the remains of these giants disappeared.

In Greek mythology the gigantes were involved in a conflict with the Olympian gods.  There are giants in Balt, Bulgarian and Basque mythology and others.

While there are many countries that have long arms evidences of giants, in Australia, the author has read of many.  In Bathurst a fossil was found of a lower back and the person would have been 25 feet tall.  In Gympie in Queensland a large fragment of a jaw had its owner as being 10 foot tall. In the Blue Mountains had footprints of men 12 to 20 feet tall.  Footprints in the Mackay River have men up to 17 feet tall.  The aboriginal folklore was that before they arrived there were giant men. (



The following hard copy books provided insight into many areas of mystery in this miniseries.  They are by the same author.


This last book above gave interesting insight into the genetic makeup of the human body and its DNA.

The above site has a massive amount of work and a serious researcher can spend a lot of time on it. The site is well documented with hundreds of links taking you from photos to their government sources.



If the reader wants to know more of this technology, it is called RNM.  Its further developed has been in response to terrorist threats.  It is reportedly being used in the USA, UK, Spain, Germany and France.  Also look up the case in the USA of John St. Clair Akwel’s lawsuit.  It is an extrapolation of the ML ULTRA experiments that took place in the USA in the 1950s to 70s.

The technology is such that now there is no need for an outside agency to monitor a brain or neural way by detaining the subject.  One can become a subject to this technology by simply going online with gaming machines, which use caps to monitor one’s brainwaves.

Gaming technology permits the user to no longer use a mouse.  Simply by using thought over the Internet, one can control the outcome of the game. Companies that manufacture these devices commercially are USA and Japanese based.  This means the user can in turn be monitored by simply using blue-tooth technology that now has the gamer’s thought patterns measured.  These patterns are singularly the gamer’s own patterns, and monitoring them by supercomputers (more powerful than a brain) using satellites means the following: This subject can be followed using GPS tracking, and his private data such as typing of credit card numbers at banks can be monitored.  This technology is several years old at the writing of this book.

Reported victims claim to hear voices coming from unusual places such as walls, ceilings and other unexpected locations.  They claim of extended high pitched ringing and varying pitch changes to the ringing (as distinct to medical hearing problems.)

Messages can be delivered by ELF – Extra Low Frequency.  They can transmit from source to skull.  ELF can penetrate through rock, concrete and dense matter.  Today ELF can be delivered by satellite, and the theory is that as all humans have their own separate DNA, they also have their own separate distinct radio frequency brain waves.

Today such surveillance could be very simple and perhaps one does not need to register his brain waves via a game simulator in the I Cloud.  Today most phones are registered and tracked by GPS. Many cats and animals have to be micro chipped by law. Banks want to monitor the computer where the client is for security purposes.

Within a small percentage of error, it is relatively easy to guarantee the person using that phone, with that cat micro chipped by him, and with his computer linked to his credit card, that this person is the person who has been intended to be monitored for brainwaves.  Thus anyone could have his or her brainwaves recorded.

As far back as 1992 a court case was brought against the NSA (National Security Agency) of the USA by ex-employee John St. Claire Akwei.  The case describes the advanced technology back then used to monitor remotely, hundreds of thousands of people in the USA and abroad.  The capabilities reported included access to an individual’s sub vocalizations as well as images from the visual cortex, and sounds from the auditory cortex.

For those interested in more, they should also research synthetic telepathy, artificial telepathy, and artificial memory