New earth Mini-series

Below are topics that are taken up in the notes of these eight books.  They are in general the subjects that are taken up in Goren Torren’s intelligence estimate.   They are assumed as part of the tapestry of truth behind the eight books, or part of the culture on how these books hold together.

For example, Mars is a nearby and smaller planet.  But it has had a large impact on our planet and its culture and people.   Some speak of past lifetimes, of having lived before, and over two billion people – Hindus and Buddhists, at least, are indoctrinated with this philosophy.

The area of telepathy and what a person can do (telekinesis) outside of his body, has always fascinated people.  The books also go into brain operations and human implanting.  And, as one of the books involves hollow planets, this is also taken up.



  • On Mars
  • Past Lives V’s Reincarnation
  • Life-of-the-world
  • Expansion of the universe
  • Hollow planets
  • Brain operations
  • Implanting hypnotism and brainwashing
  • People moving objects
  • Telepathy
  • Japan and Siberia
  • Bermuda Triangle



Ref: The Martian Message by Goro Adachi. See his book The Time Rivers 2003 for more data.

Additional data about Mars has been summarized briefly as follows:

The Egyptian capital Cairo, situated next to Giza, derives its name from Al Qahira, denoting Mars, but also meaning victorious.

The ancient Egyptians called Mars “Horus of the Horizon” (Horakhti) which was the same name as given to the Great Sphinx. Mars was also called ‘Horus the Red’ (Hor Dshr), and for a long time the Sphinx was painted red.

Just as the Great Sphinx is the hybrid of man and a lion, in the ancient Hindu myths Mars is Nr-Simha, the ‘Man-Lion’.

The term ‘pyramid’ derives from the Greek term pry meaning ‘fire’, as in Mars the ‘fire planet’.  (Mars is often referred to as pyroeis in Greek.)

The apparent pyramids of Mars were captured in 1972 by NASA’s Mariner 9, the first spacecraft to enter the Mars orbit in history.  It flew over the region called the Elysium Quadrangle.

Carl Sagan commented that these ‘becoming pyramids’ did ‘warrant … a careful look.’

In 1976 the Viking space probe photograph 35A72 showed the Face on Mars, situated in the region called Cydonia.  The rock formation resembles a human face staring into space.

In 1979 photographs 70A13 showed another peculiarity, a five-sided pyramid near the Face.  Due to the geometric nature of the pyramid, many claimed this indicated more intelligence than the Face.  Then other anomalous objects were found such as the Fort, Cliff, and City and Tholus.  Then when all these objects were mapped and interconnected intelligent geometric attributes became apparent.

While the data collected appeared reliable and involved some very serious research, backed by scientists, the results were always set up for ridicule.  There was sufficient force behind the ridicule to warrant some to suggest that there was a forced silence on the subject and that ‘they’ do not want extraterrestrial artifacts on Mars taken seriously.

Other recommended research books on the subject are:

Graham Hancock, The Mars Mystery (New York: Crown Publishers, 1998).

Richard C. Hoaglund, The Monuments of Mars (Berkley: North Atlantic Books, 1993).



The concept of past-lives is that the life-force, the spiritual entity that is the person himself, leaves the body upon death and finds a new human body.  The concept is that a person goes from one human life to another, and that he or she does not transmigrate to another species.

The concept of reincarnation is similar but broader than past-lives.  Reincarnation theory allows for the person to transmigrate to other species.  This is especially so that a person who has done something very bad during his/her life may transmigrate to another species, especially if it reflects the bad the person had done.  For example, a person who was a glutton may transmigrate upon death to taking control of the body of a pig. This concept is not part of past-life theory.

In the New Earth miniseries the concept of reincarnation is not part of the story, but past-life theory is touched upon.

Religions that practice or use the concept of past-lives might be Buddhism in particular with its billion followers.

The concept of past-lives has also been found in many other religions.  For example, the Cathars of Europe were a Christian sect. They believed that if their lay members did well during their lifetime they could come back next life as a Cathar priest.  The Cathars were persecuted and wiped out during the Medieval Inquisition after an earlier Albigensian Crusade had failed.

Many Cathars were tortured, burned and killed.  They were wide spread and up as far as Holland, the southern Mediterranean and also North Africa.  Mainly they are known for being strong in southern France.  By the 13th Century they were targeted by the Pope for Inquisition.

It is written that Justinian II, the Sixth Century Emperor of Rome, of the Byzantine Empire, expunged all reference of past-lives in the Bible (545 AD) after his wife was told she had been a witch in a past-life by a fortuneteller.  His wife was very young.  She had once been a prostitute, and then the Emperor’s mistress, before marrying him.  She had great sway over her husband.  In fact it was thought by some that she might have had more sway over the empire than the Emperor.

Past-life theory had been around for five hundred years as part of Christian theology before then.  Pope Vigilius (the Christian pope at the time) was not against reincarnation or the concept of past-lives, and even decided so by refusing to outlaw a famous text regards it.  The Pope claimed that the texts were within the teachings of Jesus. The Roman Emperor Justinian had the Pope jailed.  The pope managed to escape but the ruling was then made in his absence.

Past-lives and reincarnation were consequentially outlawed and expunged from much of the Bible, though not every line.

There are many who believe in past-lives and there are many internet sites explaining more about the subject as well as past-life regression, past-life therapies, past-life references in the Bible and so forth.

The point here is that there is an overload of information and experience and writings on the subject and it became an interesting part of writing of this book and the sequel volumes of books.



This concept is that within a given species there is also a joint mind, run by a life-force that runs the entire species, not just an individual body of that species.  This concept is not new and finds itself in Shinto and other Asian religions.  This concept even goes so far as to suggest there is one life-force over a planet, which has as its purpose the uniting of lower life-forces and higher life-forces for a self-regulating surviving planet.

There is a concept called Gaia, but this is not addressed in the NEW-EARTH SERIES.  However, the term Life-force-of-the–world comes from the same observed phenomenon.

(The Gaia Hypothesis of scientists James Lovelock, is different to what is being used here.)

There is evidence that such a concept of one life-force running many smaller bodies could be true.  For example, many lower life forms individually exhibit very low problem solving abilities.  However, when the life forms are in a group, such as a shoal of fish, or a hive of bees, they solve problems of far greater magnitude.

Ant nests, insect swarms etc act as though under a group mind. In Australia the author has seen two-meter-high termite mounds, with perhaps a million termites living together.  He has seen flocks of birds turn mid-flight in a second, one hundred birds turn instantly all at once. Under the water he has seen a hundred fish all turn instantly, as though all are under one mind and one instruction.

The author asked Australian aboriginals if a group of trees was a group of single-tree-life forces, or were they a group of trees run under a single command, one-life-force.  He was ALWAYS told the group of trees was run as though they were one, and there is one spirit in charge, regardless of how many trees there were.

We have seen a swarm of wasps go after a single target as though they are one.  We have seen pairs of birds attack a larger animal as though they had one mind working complex strategies and tactics, commanding both the male and female together.

In Japan the religion Shinto means the way of the gods. Nick lived in Japan for ten years and met many Shinto priests.  The Japanese Kami, or god, can be one that looks after a whole mountain, or a river, or a valley or a forest.  This is a one life-force – being big enough to call a god that oversees all life.  The number of Kami in Japan is represented by a figure that means either very many, that cannot be counted, or six million Kami.

This concept is not to be confused with the concept of the hive-mind or group mind, which implies that the group of individuals have a collective consciousness when together, and through that consciousness are able to act.  The concept used in the Sequetus Series is different. Here it means that there is one mind, or one life-force, makes decisions for all its separate parts.

For example, in the human body we say there is a spirit, and a body.  But what there is really is a spirit, and a body made up of all these individual parts of smaller cells of life, and these smaller cells are capable of stimulus response actions, but the larger life force, you, is able to make complicated thought processes to make long term decisions, not just stimulus response.  The concept used in the Sequetus Series is that there may be a hive of bees, and they are like the cells in the body.  But they have one spiritual entity, like in a human.  That entity instructs the cells what to do. So bees will attack a predator as one decision.  A school of fish will turn as one. And so on.



The universe was thought to be expanding with the big bang; the theory was that it was going to go so far out and due to gravitational forces it would slow down and then start to collapse in on itself, and then shrink to the size of a a pin head and then explode out in another big bang.

However this is not correct.  The universe does not exhibit this.  What is happening is that the universe is getting bigger, and expanding.  It is also accelerating, in every direction, with no evidence that it is going to slow down.  The galaxies are drifting further away, and the stars within the galaxies are moving away from each other, and the same phenomena applies to molecules.  This concept is better shown in books beyond these twenty-four books.



There have been theories that this Earth was hollow.  The author does not subscribed to this, however, the author has been interested in the data presented by Jim Marrs in his book Alien Agenda, Harper and Collins 1998.  It gives support as to why the moon might be hollow.

Per Marrs, the moon is not a natural satellite of Earth and the arrival of the moon could be what ended the last ice age only 11,700 years ago.  From the compelling evidence in Marr’s book it appears the moon may have arrived here about then.  The moon is made from a very different composition than Earth.  It seems to be older than Earth. Marr’s book is worth buying and reading cover to cover.

The moon is an anomaly.  We also do not get to see the reverse side of the moon naturally.

There are also reports of UFO sightings from the moon, even by the astronauts themselves.  Then there are UFO reports from people observing the moon through telescopes; too many to take up here.



The brain itself does not have pain sensors.  Thus it is possible to operate on a brain while the patient is awake.  There are films on this in medical libraries.  The scalp needs to be anesthetized as it does feel pain. But that is all.



Brainwashing a person by way of convincing him to do something by using persuasion is simply marketing and sales techniques.  It is nothing more.  Brainwashing does not exist in this sense.

What does exist is mental implanting.  This can take the form of hypnosis, but that generally is ineffective in making someone do something that they would not wish to do of their own volition.  To get a person to do something against his or her own moral code requires drugs and or pain, along with suggestion.  Bringing reason and fear into the phenomena could make an assassin.  From the 1950’s to the 1970’s some world government agencies sought how to make this work.

There has been some good material out exposing the work of these agencies, such as: In Search of The Manchurian Candidate by John D Marks 1979.  It is worth reading cover to cover, a full expose on the CIA and other US agencies involved in mind-control techniques.

Another recommended book is The CIA’s Control of Candy Jones, by Donald Bain, 1976.  It is about how the CIA, through hypnosis and torture, turned a pin-up girl into an unwitting agent who would travel unknowingly to Taiwan, do her work, and return back to the USA to a hypnotic debriefing, and forget all.  This is a fascinating read and this technology goes back to the 1960’s.

More recently in the 1980’s there were reports that magnetic waves were used (in pulse form) in the Gulf War 1990-91 with Iraq.  Enemy soldiers were reported to have fled from the battle scene after hearing voices of the almighty in their head telling them to run.

Since then we have had microchips no bigger than a pinhead to place in the body.  In the non-mainstream media there are reports that physical implants can be woven into the optic nerves, so that they can transmit a signal of the nerve, to a receiver which could get the image of what the person was seeing.  And that the operator could then transmit back into the optic nerve by radio, what he wanted the person to see, even if the image was quite crude.

The point here is that mankind is going down this road and it is not much of a jump from there to what is in the NEW-EARTH SERIES.



It is common that people have experienced having moved an object, or created an otherwise impossible situation into being.  There have been people in the past that could claim to bend metal spoons at will and thousands of people would come to watch it.  Others reportedly could repeat this. (There are also plenty of people willing to debunk it too.)

There are those who have claimed to move objects using their minds.  There are those who would say this is not a mental feat but spiritual.  For this book, we will satisfy and say it is the same thing, though technically maybe it is not.  The mind and spirit can be different.



(tele Greek for far, apathe meaning feeling.)

Who has not thought someone was thinking of him or her only to find a moment later they are speaking to that person on the phone?  Many lay claim to this ability.  It is claimed that people who have high empathy, who are sensitive to others, have a high range of this ability.

Then there is a phenomenon of not allowing one’s emotions (or thoughts) to be transferred to another.  That is called shielding.

There is too much written on this subject for it to be gone over here, other than to suggest it is a valid phenomenon of life.



With the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 the Entente Powers (Britain and France) sent troops to Siberia in support of the White Russian army.

1918 – 1922.

These troops went into Russia via the northern polar religions and eastern Siberia.  The USA sent troops to both, and Japan sent 12,000 troops to Siberia.  China sent 2,000 troops upon invitation of Chinese already in Russia.  The Canadians and Italians also sent troops.  The Czech’s had an entire legion there trapped.

While Japan sent 12,000 troops they had refused an earlier request from the French.  The Japanese saw their own opportunity of making a separate buffer state of Siberia.

Siberia is predominately a Buddhist community and Asian, so there were ethnic grounds to make this happen.

The Japanese troops went along the Manchurian border where they met up with another 70,000 Japanese troops from Manchuria.  When the allied withdrawal began in 1919 – 1920 the Japanese did not withdraw.

The USA placed intense diplomatic pressure on Japan to withdraw, and under high demand, the Prime Minister announced the withdrawal in October 1922.

While the allied purpose was to rescue a lost Czech Legion, and prevent western weapons falling into the hands of the Bolshevik Red Army, the Japanese were extremely anti communist, and either had territorial aims in the region, or simply wanted to set up a buffer state and end the northern problem.



From: (website no longer operational)

“The upshot is that hundreds, perhaps thousands have vanished and their names will never be known.  They are forever in limbo, like an unsolved crime.  Part of the purpose of is to keep a record of these.  Neither NTSB nor USCG does this. Often people place notices in newspapers or at yacht marinas. If you live in and about the Triangle, take advantage of In Search Of . . . and submit any reliable information on a missing vessel, such as newspaper article, classifieds, or yacht marina bulletin. It may help in locating the vessel.  At the very least, it will provide a record of their passing.  The following list is compiled from various sources, mostly U.S. Coast Guard bulletins and Lloyd’s List.”



Writing is a culture.  So is drawing and painting.  The author is not a great painter; however others are and he used and their artists, models and photographers.



The author has created maps and diagrammatic explanations to some of the events in the books.  These were necessary as the text needed something further to explain what was going on.  This was especially so in the fourth book, the Battle of Sequetus 3, where there was a changing battlefield and it helped to have a running diagrammatic account of events.

The author also needed these diagrams so he could refer back to them and continue writing.  So if he needed them, he expects you might also.

The author has taken the philosophy that he has a story to tell, and it is the story that is most important and he has to use pictures as an aid to tell the story.

The glossary is the same.  He constructed the glossary so that he could keep track of the events as he built up the world of the Federation.  He has now included the glossary as it evolved further in each book.  So in each book, you get the glossary as it had evolved up until the end of that book.  By the eighth book you have the total glossary of the New Earth Miniseries.

The characters of the book seemed like real people to the author once upon a time, and so he wrote it that way.  They feel, bleed, drink coffee (or kalo) and they have emotions as you do.  They have personality.  Given a certain situation the author felt they would act as they had, because that was who they were.  He hopes this comes across.  But in saying this no character in these books is designed around anyone the author knows or has read about.

Thank you for reading THE SEQUETUS SERIES.  We hope you become a fan, so welcome.