ORBAT – Forbidden History

Orbat Cover

ISBN: 9781310343865

Here’s the twenty-second book in the Sequetus Series.  The main Federation civilizations are readying to invade Maluka, home of the Transgalactic Ship Corporation.  They meet on planet Orbat.  There is also a new phenomenon discovered on Earth.  There are growing dead-zones, where life ceases to exist.  Earth’s Amazon is a last bastion for life, along with similar zones found elsewhere.

This is also the fifth volume in the Earth Syndrome Miniseries.  You are very close to the end of this whole epic now, and the mystery will deepen before it is finally exposed.  Learn about the past dark secrets of Earth, who is behind the Talkron, and why.

As more detail, the central figure, Jaron, finds himself having to bring the two races of the twin planets, Orbat and Yaltipia, together to confront their common enemy, the Talkron.  The two races find they have a long common past with this enemy.

Follow Jaron as he tries to solve why life on Earth, and other central planets, is simply leaving.  What is making these planets barren, and what is causing these death-zones?

What really is the life-force that is us, and what is the difference to the life-force that runs the ship known as Amanda?

You will discover the leadership hierarchy of the Boguard and how it works.

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And it is back to Orbat, of the Pleiades.  The Prophecy is still unfolding.  More is being found out of Earth’s past in relationship to the Pleiades.

And there are more answers in the Amazon, the life-force of the jungle might be returning.

This book is more than just another book in this long epic saga.  It is more than another good read.

Like the other volumes, there are great illustrations, pictures, maps, and glossary.  Have fun and remember it is not all fiction.  There is a tapestry of truth below the stories.


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  • Dirigible Over Bay Of Biscal
  • Drifting space
  • Living Earth
  • Earth dead
  • Looking to Orbat
  • Aragon City
  • Forest and trees of life
  • Planet Orbat
  • New Orbat City
  • Angelians
  • Dirigible Over Orbat
  • Life of Trees