This is the second book in this science fiction epic.

The agent from out there, Independent Goren Torren has arrived on Earth.  He is not welcome.  Those who control this sector know who he really is and are aware he has a mission separate to what he is stating.

Earth is not friendly.  He finds many anomalies.  The long central clue to the mysteries he is encountering is the short-lives that Earth people live, an average of seventy-four years.  This is in contrast to the long-lives lived out there.  Why?  That single datum flies against the planet’s fast developing technology.  Is technology being ceded to the planet from out there via a hidden source?  Then who is doing this, and for what purpose?  Also, were not the first colonists on this planet, Earth, thousands of years ago long-lifers?  What changed and why?  This just does not add up from out there.

All these questions will be addressed in this series.   However, first, in this book, Goren Torren has to deliver an intelligence estimate of the situation, with a solution, knowing that it may lead to the genocide of six billion people on Earth.

Follow Broadhurst as he creates a plot that can have you riveted, laughing one moment, maybe weeping the next.  For while the story is pure fiction, what is discovered might be something else.