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ISBN: 9781310276187

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* PDF – author’s choice for color illustrations and visual affects.

* mobi for Kindles, both Fire and Paperwhite.

* ePub for Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and recent Sony readers.

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……….File sizes:    PDF – 3.4 mb,    mobi – 3.1 mb,    ePub – 3.7 mb

……….Total Pages:   249

……….Story illustrations, maps and diagrams:   88

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A M A Z O N   (US)        A M A Z O N   (AUS)        A N G U S   A N D   R O B E R T S O N  (A U S)              C O L L I N S   (AUS)        i T U N E S        BARNES   AND   NOBLE         K O B O        L I V R A R I A C U L T U R A   (B R)        F L I P K A R T    (I N D)      BOL.COM        S M A S H W O R D S        RAKUTEN   (J P)        B O O K W O R L D   (A U S)        P A P E R P L U S   (N Z)        W.H.SMITH   (UK)        T U L I O B O O K S        F N A C   (F R A N C E)         INDIGO         LULU         PAYLOADZ

Libraries that loan out Sequetus Series books include:      SCRIBID      GOODREADS     OYSTER      OVERDRIVE   and two dozen more.

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