Sequetus Series

German WW2 Secret Luftwaffe Projects & UFOs



German vertical take off Jet

The Nazis or German UFO phenomenon might be more fantasy than truth. However, there are many semi credible photographs.  But of course they could be hoaxes as well.

But it must be recognized that this era was the beginning of the space race with their 1944 rocket reaching 108.4 miles height into outer space.  See the last picture below in the gallery.

However, in light of this, please read the following article from the National UFO Center.  That site has a lot to add on that era.  There is little point in me writing any more here.  Sequetus is about fiction that is meant to be fiction.

Also see the Spear of Destiny and how this amazing religious artifact has affected the world.



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The first photos are of German Luftwaffe planes from the end of the World War 2.  These includes the disc winged plane, which would do reconnaissance at very low speeds.  Then there is the glider, that would be strapped on top of a bomber.  Next are the world’s first helicopters.  Next are jet fighters.  Then there are the flying bombs and rockets.  Then there is the diagram of the rockets in the article. One such rocket went into outer space, 104.8 miles above the Earth.  Then we have vertical take off craft, jets. Then we have the jet pack on the trooper.  And lastly are various photos, purporting to be real UFOs, but honestly, who knows.  And lastly is the site of what is dubbed the Nazis Bell, which was a purported effort to make craft invisible, if real.



  • Luftwaffe Flying Winged Disc
  • Disc winged German plane WW2
  • Experimental WW2 Glider
  • Experimental glider
  • German helecoptor
  • German Helicoptor WW2
  • ME 262
  • ME 262 flight
  • Luftwaffe Experimental bomber
  • ME 4 German
  • ME 163
  • The experimental Ho IX V2/V3
  • Experimental planes german
  • Horton 229
  • Experimental craft Germany WW2
  • Experimental Luftwaffe Plane
  • Experimental Plane WW2
  • Experimental Rocket Plane
  • Experimental Planes WW2 Germany
  • Experimental German jet plane
  • VB12
  • Flying Bomb WW2
  • Flying bomb on sled
  • V2 rocket at launch
  • Article V2 Rocket
  • V2 Rocket
  • German Rocket WW2
  • Experimental Craft WW2
  • Vertical Takeoff Craft
  • Experimental Rocket WW2
  • Flying Trooper
  • UFO in Germany WW2
  • German UFO WW2
  • German UFO WW2
  • UFO WW2 by truck
  • The project called Nazi Bell