Sequetus Series

Author’s Maps and Diagrams

To write the story the author needed maps.


Below are the maps and diagrams that make up the story.  There are sixty in total.  The maps to the left here is the first he made. He first imagines where he is, sees the image of it, draws it, and then the story starts to unveil itself to him, and then he starts writing it down. Jilta is where the story starts for the series. In the published books, the maps are often too small to show the scope of what is happening.  They were reduced in size for the books for

Jilta PC faderation Era
Jilta Prime Planetary Center

many reasons, but basically, the e-book formatting does not permit such large diagrams.  Here we have the  original large maps from which the others were then taken.  The point here is to allow readers an opportunity to find their way through the story with the original legible larger maps to help them.


The author needed these maps so he could write the stories. He could then refer back to the maps, so he did not get lost in the myriad of threads of imagination. So, he drew them.

The way they are organized is two fold: First are the maps of the Galaxy.  These are simply chronological.  That way you can see the changes to map boundaries as they occur in relation to each story, one after the other.

Second was to have the rest of the diagrams as they happen in the story, in the last book at the end.  For example, you can see the thirteen diagrams for the Battle of Sequetus 3, with all their legible text, which is not available in the e-book publications.  You can also see the Local Group of galaxies as the last map at the end.

While the author did these diagrams personally, he acknowledges that others could do them better.  Originally they were done so that the author could keep track of the story, but then he realized readers would likely enjoy them too.  The below are produced, not to show artistic flair, but to help the reader get a better reading experience.

Please click on the maps below as needed and expand them. For example, this is how to use them. You are reading the third book, and you want to see how exactly that battle worked. The battle is there in these sketches. It is in the asteroids. Remember it is 1989. There were real explosions going on out there that we did not understand on Earth. They were however, being recorded and noted on Earth then, even though we did not know the source. The author used that unusual mystery to write this into the books. In the book these images are not high imaging. But they are here on the website. If you have a desk top computer with a 23 inch screen you can see them in exacting detail. Enjoy them.



  • Galaxy 908
  • Galaxy BS 100 908
  • Galaxy BS 1037
  • Galaxy BS 1094
  • Galaxy  - Centercom era 2272
  • Map Galaxy  BS3 0 years
  • Galaxy BS3 10 years
  • Galaxy BS3 15 years
  • Galaxy BS3 27 years
  • Galaxy stialized six worlds 1339
  • Stylized 1035 BS
  • Galaxy stylized 1035 BS 1339
  • Jilta 768
  • Jilt PPC 922
  • Flight from Sequetus 3
  • Battle 1
  • Battle 2
  • Battle 3
  • Battle 4
  • Battle 5
  • Battle 6
  • Battle 7
  • Battle 8
  • Battle 9
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
  • Galaxy Hymondy BS 31
  • Hymondy Coat of Arms - 1
  • lifesuit1
  • 10 star Sequetus
  • 10 Pointed Star of Sequetus
  • Port Melb
  • pyramid 842
  • Pleiades
  • Doe-Dusk explanation
  • Karo Series
  • Goren Symbol
  • Lake Yamma Yamma
  • Zone Mexico
  • Six Worlds -
  • Yildon Sea 1559
  • Bermuda Triangle map
  • Japan invasion plan
  • Borneo invasion plan
  • Sleebo 768
  • Palbo 1193
  • Map Galaxy BS 100 stylized Sleebo
  • TORS 1031
  • Sandrist 647
  • Torrens Town Sandrist 700
  • Kantee 1217
  • Maluka 968
  • Palboan Sector 1037 BS 1240
  • Palboan Sector Big 1038 BS 1421
  • Palbo CC 1152
  • Palbo Polar Region 1148
  • Yildon Sea - 1559
  • Local Group map of galaxies