Sequetus Series




Mercury Bases

There are anomalies on Mercury.

Mercury 11

Mercury did not fall into the Sequetus Series, and perhaps should have.

The trace atmosphere of Mercury is 40% Oxygen, and contains water vapor. The planet is small, but larger than the Earth’s moon.  It has the largest impact crater basin – Caloris Basin – 1554 km across – in the solar system.  It is thought that the impact basin is why the planet rotates extremely slowly backwards, compared to all the other planets.

Mercury is not the hottest planet in our solar system.  Venus is.  As Mercury does not rotate like the other planets, it is even more strange. It rotates the finite exact amount so that it has a side that never faces Earth.  This far side manages to face away from Earth all the time, no matter where the Earth is in the solar system.

All this data would have been an excellent setting for another Sequetus Series book.  And for additional protection there is a mini Van Allen Belt set up to give some mild protection from the sun’s solar wind.  Mercury is mainly made up of iron and is magnetic.

In the Gallery below are some anomalies in picture form. The first picture is simply of the planet’s surface.  Next is an image of the giant basin where all the later pictures of craters are inside of.  The remainder of the photographs are anomalies which have an apparency of being intentionally designed structures rising up from the floors of the craters.

What is also interesting, is that both Mercury and the Moon have structures with retaining wall like features.  That is, the Moon has what could be structures rising up from the craters’ centre, and has crater sides (see image 58 on this link) that look like they could be  intentionally designed retaining walls.  The fact that the Moon and Mercury both have these similar type phenomena is perplexing.







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