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Doppelgangers and Time Travel


First the author was interested in the idea, but did not have a full concept of the physical universe that made such travel possible.  So, he left the subject out from the series until he came across a photograph from around 1940.

He was working in Western Australia at the time, as a project manager.  Among other things, he was managing the design and construction of a Buddhist monastery complex   It would be the largest woman’s monastery in the southern hemisphere.  He would often discuss such concepts with the head nuns, always getting new ideas, grateful for their input.

An business associate came to him and said, “I have a photo of you.”  He did not pay much attention, until he was showed the photo in an old published book.  The photo had an uncanny accurate resemblance to the author, as he was then, two years back.  He went and showed others this photo in the book, and asked, “Is there anything unusual in this picture?”  All those he asked looked at him with slack jaws, except one who said immediately, without further explanation, that this was impossible as the author was not born then. The author had not mentioned himself in regards the photo, as the lookalike was so obvious.

The photo is above.  The image resembling the author is the second male standing from the right in the civilian clothes.  The author is not saying that photo was him in an earlier lifetime. But it had him intrigued.  The image was so uncanny and the person in the photo even has a business suit just like the author, and the same cut.

The author had previously seen the Charlie Chaplain film, where a woman walks across the set of the Circus movie scene in Ireland, holding a device like a 1998 mobile phone to her ear.  In the last half a second as the image fades she can be seen speaking back into it after having been holding it to her ear for some time.  The author had read the so-called debunking, and they were wrong.  That last half second is unmistakable.  It is not an ear trumpet device.  The author made some stills and they are below.  He further doe not think the person holding this device looks female.  The hands look male like, but perhaps that is irrelevant.

So the author then decided, here is a photo of someone almost identical to me, in the same country town as where  I am currently working.  The only difference was time.  Likely Nick had even walked over the same exact spot. The two people looked alike in the same place, but were in different times.  Their paths likely crossed many times, with only time separating them.  So Nick sought an explanation of what time was, and how it could be overcome.  This experience was all he needed.

Time is said to be the fourth dimension.  We can travel to-and-fro in three of the physical universe dimensions, but we are stuck in a one way flow of time – only one direction, or are we?

The solution Nick has is very old and goes back at least 2,600 years and likely older. It is not his idea.

Time is as follows and is tied into what life is. Imagine you are a life force.  You are not your body but rather the life-force that animates your body.  You actually exist outside the physical universe, and you select a position from which to view into this universe. You then run this body, externally, or from inside it.  You feel all the things the body is set up to experience.  And, like in the movie, The Matrix, you only believe you exist here in the physical universe.

Then what is the physical universe?  This is interesting. It is that which life believes it perceives.  If life believes it is real, then it is real to life.  That is a bit esoteric but simply that is the relationship between life and this physical universe around one.  This is explained more in the books of the Earth Syndrome Miniseries.

The physical universe has the ability to pulsate into being about 18 times a second.  You have the ability to snap still pictures with your mind, but you mainly see this universe as a flowing continual movement.  However, if you look at the wheel of a car in motion, it does not always flow, as you can get occasional still frames of the car wheel in your mind, as an after image.

What is memory?  For a life-force to remember, it is not looking into the past memory as such.  You will not find pictures imbedded in your brain.  One is actually sending out a memory mechanism to look into some past pulsing frame of the physical universe, and that mechanism relays to you what it views.  So, Nick reasoned, if you could do this in the past, as memory, could you not also “remember” the future?

He tested this myself as he drove to and from work 220 kms every day.  During one test he got thirty-three green traffic lights in a row.  This is not very scientific, but an anecdotal phenomena.  The point was that he was always able to position his car in relation to where he thought he could see other cars in the future, not where they were now. It seemed to work.  By doing this he always overtook traffic.  Pretty much all he did was get out of the way of cars before they stopped, or turned or put on their traffic indicators, showing that they were about to slow.

Doing this he got skimpy pictures in my mind of when cars were turning well before they indicated, and so on.  But that was not just all, as he also asked his proof-readers to do the same.  He figured that if he could do it, then it should work for them too.  And it did, after they had read the books a couple of times.  One even had asked him what decision she should make on something that was important.  Nick suggested that she look into the future and then, from that future position, look back into the past, and see now which decision she made and did it work?  She did this and was astounded by the correct decision that she then made.

So following this, he wrote time travel into the books in the Earth Syndrome Miniseries, using the above philosophy.  He hopes it reads well for you as a reader.  Feel free to try it some time.






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