Sequetus Series

The Power of Mind

A N  E S S A Y




The mind is a tool. It allows you to analyze. It allows you to choose your future. You can be methodical in choice. You can be reactive. But being a tool, your mind must be crafted, honed, made into something useful, and help you follow the basic laws that you, as life, natively have chosen to follow in this universe. Above all else it is there to help you survive the most.




What are you? You are a source of life. You are not your body, and you are not your mind. You are you. A life source. You are a spiritual entity. You are a being. And you perceive your physical existence from a position from which to view. Yes, the universe can be called an apparency that you view into and experience. But it is still real.

This universe is like watching a movie. Only, you have more awareness when observing a movie. You still know you are watching that movie. You know it is a movie. You are aware of the story and you know the movie real. This universe, and that it is an apparency, is similar to a movie, or a lot of movies. However, the difference is that you have forgotten that you chose to perceive this universe and why. Now this apparency does seem very solid, very real, and you seem bound by all its laws and customs.

You do not have to believe what is written here. Wiser people than this author have written about it. Some of what is written by these wiser others is very true. Some is close to true. Some not so true. But this essay is not about what you are or how the author comes to understand this. Let’s just say that in this case, the author decided from the evidence, and all probability, it is so.




This tool – the mind – your mind – is a two edged sword. It is there to help you. But knowing what the mind is, means that knowledge can then be used against others, and you can use the minds of others against your opponents.

Your mind can also make you forget. And it can make you remember.

Being outside this universe, let’s say, and only having a position from which you view into it, means you were never originally subject to the key elements of the universe. And in a way, maybe the mind has gone out of control. It is as a tool can go out of control when you do not care for it or do not maintain it.

You, as a life force, have given your mind the ability to help you, even protect you. But some have given the mind so much power that the mind, in an effort to shield life from what is happening out there, it has dampened many of the abilities of the life source, being you. This is because you agreed to have those abilities curbed and blunted, and usually, that is so you do not hurt others with them. To protect you, the mind has made you less.

This author is not here to show you how to undo what you have done in the past, but he will show you how to overcome some of those blunting affects creating your inabilities.




You may no longer, today, accurately know what another person is thinking. You might not get images of the future clearly. Possibly you cannot any longer change the juxtaposition of material objects by decision alone. But you would be very surprised to know how some people can, and have done this more or less in varying shades of reality.

Some who predict the future call it a gut feeling, some call it clairvoyance. Some use it unknowingly. Some use it every day in business. Some also use it brilliantly but unknowingly in sport.

Many of us have had the phenomena of thinking of someone and then get a phone call from that person. Some use this and are able to make physical things happen. Some are even able to walk through life as though they were here before. Well, all these are the abilities that every life has. Some of us have more and some less of this ability. For most of us this ability is very throttled.




This essay will not go into the make up of the mind. But it will cover the purpose of why these books herein were written.

When this author was younger, and as he grew up, he could do certain things by wishing for them. The author read a lot of science fiction books when younger. Many. He would read many science fiction classics. These were by authors of the mid Twentieth Century. By the 1980’s this author reached a point where he felt he could do such himself, and believe this or not, he could to a degree. But, regrettably, what he could do was inconsistent.

But it made him wonder.  How did it come about? He did demonstrations to others – by thought alone. Some were minor and some were significant. So he thought more about the mind. Could it be honed into accepting and working for a person’s greater abilities? He thought yes. And so, in 1989 he started to write these books.




Let us think of the power of your mind. You can draw a line, black against white. You can draw it in a certain way so that you can understand that line to be a letter of the alphabet. Then have several letters and it becomes a word or words – fire truck. Then you get the image of a fire truck.

But we can also use your mind and make you think of things that you do not want to think of. For example, try not to think of a purple elephant. You now have the image of purple elephant. Try not to think of it. You cannot.

Either way, just by taking a line, and then a series of lines, we can bring about the image of a fire truck or purple elephant in the reader’s mind. We take this for granted, but really it is extraordinary. And likely most of you cannot even tell me what that image in your mind really is. It is just there.

Now let us try this with something else, but positively. Let us try telepathy. How can you make this ability stronger?

If you get introduced to a fiction book character who uses telepathy, over and over, do not be surprised if, as much as you may not believe in it, through imagining it more and more by reading, you develop that ability. It may be small to begin with, but do not be surprised if it becomes a simple normal sense like any other that you reply upon.

Now, becoming more telepathic it is not your mind doing this, it is the ability of you doing it. You have simply used your mind to reinvigorate your existing ability. You have begun to use your mind to take the throttle off from using that ability.

The mind as a tool can be a filter, an expander, a slowdown technique, and more. But it is not you.

And here is another simple ability. If, after reading these books, or many similar others, you believe you might be seeing the memory of the future, you likely are. But know, it is not your mind, but you, who is doing this.




You use the mind this way. Your mind is what gives you the image of the fire truck. It gives you the image of that dreaded purple elephant that stays there. It is storing or creating the images for you to perceive. So, that is the power of the mind. It reconstructs or gets you an earlier picture you have had. And, it may not be just this lifetime when that picture was first seen.

The image you get is you looking at the memory. It may be the past, or even the future. But it also may be an image that is flawed by your mind.

Right now you are looking through your body’s eyes and that can give you certainty. The body is in the present and the image is amplified. The past cannot be altered. But the recall and the image of the past can be changed. The mind can block out or distort the past, the same as it can the future. The only time the present can be altered is when the past images begin to overwhelm the life source and start to compete against the images of the present given up by the body. We call that delusion. Minor delusions create mistakes in making correct decisions. Major delusions can be dangerous.

The purpose of these books is to enable you to be stronger than your mind.

Your mind is what you use when you want to imagine. It is what you use when you calculate an event to work out a probable future.

But you also can be weak in yourself.

Let me explain more.

If you have a weak body, can you make it physically stronger? Yes. We can do that with exercise and nutrition. You know that if the body just lies about, and does not exercise, it has a higher probability of getting ill. You start to feel less of yourself. You know your own abilities have diminished. But if you start to exercise, even just a little, you can feel better.

And the trouble with an unexercised body is that it will likely also goad you into exercising less. In the end, it is only you who will decide if you exercise that body more.

The mind can be similar.




Reading is simply exercise for the mind. Unlike watching someone else’s image creations, like watching a movie, reading itself requires a lot more imagining. It requires you to perceive the word. You have to know what it means, and then convert that to an image. Then the storey starts to play out.

But simply reading fiction will not give you a set of stronger abilities. There is both exercise and nutrition needed by a body.

The mind is similar. So what is nutrition? Nutrition is a food source of micronutrients that enhance the overall well being of body life for a long duration. It is high in needed micronutrients, and low in poisons. Too much poison and you die and your life is short. The nutrition is the storey. A storey where courage wins the day, the good guy overcomes the bad guys, is nutritional. And as to mental poison, read the bad news daily in the newspapers. 




The mind needs nutrients and needs to avoid poison. So, think to yourself, what could be poison to the mind? And on the other hand, what could be the micronutrients?

So, the role of this author is to get you to imagine what could be real that helps you, imagine it more and more, over and over, and again. But change will not happen in one day. Your abilities will develop slowly.

It may be like training for a marathon. First, get off the couch, and put down the bowl of potato chips. Go outside and start walking. Then after a while, start jogging. Go to a gymnasium. Join a club and find comradery on your journey. Encourage each other. Soon, just the journey of where you are going will be exhilarating.

Reading science fiction and science fantasy is similar to training for that marathon, but it is for your mind, not the body.

Another similarity to food for the body and food for the mind, is this. For food to be consumed it must be appealing to one or more senses. And did you know that the following plants are now being closely experimented upon because of their anti cancer properties? Mint, licorice, cocoa, beetroot, lemon grass, zest, pomegranate, ginger and many others. To make you healthy and protect you these plants attract you to them by their aroma. Research all the above plants yourself.

So, to get you to read these books we need a good storey. The storey is the attraction. So is the cover and everything that gets you to imagine.

And lastly, the reason for science fiction developing this ability more than others is that it is the most difficult genre to imagine. Science fiction is the power press of imagination. Enjoy the journey. Be who you dream of being.