THE SEQUETUS SERIES: Earth’s Missing Millennium 1989 – 3059

The Sequetus Series




The Sequetus Series is big.  It is about the subversion of a galaxy, this galaxy and all the civilizations in it.  The book starts off when an intelligence officer from out there is directed to go on a mission to Earth, known as Sequetus 3.  He is to investigate why there is such an anomaly with this one planet.  For some reason the planet is way overdue its Intervention Day.  The planet governments insist that the visitors they get from out there absolutely do not exist.  Yet half the population believe that they are not alone, in the galaxy.


The planet also has a short lived population, and instead of the normal 325 years, people from Earth live only 75 years.  There is no explanation for that.  Also, the technology on the planet is advancing way faster than normal self-generated technological advancement.  This is very suspicious. The planet a long time back was said to be a prison planet.

……….Furthermore, its population has only been there a few thousand years, and the planet is ready to blow itself up.  It is 1989 and the cold war is in full swing.  But why war?  Don’t nations usually solve their disputes, peacefully, unless someone outside has an interest in war?